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Botox treatments ‘still popular’


The economic crisis has not stopped people having Botox treatments.

The economic downturn has done little to diminish people’s appetite for Botox treatments, it has been argued.

Dr Martin Braun of the Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre told News 1130 that the “lipstick effect” has meant that people have put greater stock in making themselves look beautiful at a time when their finances have been hit hard.

First coined in the Great Depression of the 1930s, the phrase would still appear apt today, he noted.

“Generally with these facial injectables, you’ll take five to 15 years off someone’s face, which they feel is well in a competitive marketplace is good because we glorify youth,” Dr Braun commented.

Elsewhere, Harry Heiti recently wrote in a blog post for Official Spin that people wishing to look youthful without the pain and cost of cosmetic surgery have been advised that Botox injections could be the best solution.

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