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Botox ‘may help with eye twitches’


Botox could be helpful for excessive eye twitching.People who suffer from twitching around their eyes that goes on for an abnormally long period of time could be helped by Botox.

Dr Peter Gott was writing for in response to a query from a 58-year-old man, who said he has been having this problem for around a year.

The expert said that although most twitching is benign and caused by things like stress and fatigue, this particular case seems to be a cause for concern.

"More serious and uncommon symptoms should be brought to a physician's attention for evaluation," Dr Gott commented.

He pointed out that a doctor may be able to suggest a reason and possible treatments, which could include Botox or allergy medication.

Last month, a study carried out by scientists at the International Anesthesia Research Society found that Botox could be a viable treatment for inflammation-related pain when injected into the spine, without negative effects on movement.


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