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Botox found to reduce pain associated with TMJ


Botox could help with jaw pain. Botox could soon be helping people who have problems with their jaws after pioneering new work in the US.

Researchers at AZ-TMJ tested the treatment on patients with severe headaches and jaw clamping which had come as a result of problems with their temporomandibular joint.

It was found that in almost all cases, the muscles around the joint were relaxed enough to reduce pain and allow other non-surgical treatments to take place.

Dr Stan Farrell, one of those testing the Botox, said: “I have found this treatment to be highly effective in a substantial number of cases where the effects of other treatments are often mitigated by the presence of muscle spasms.”

The patients often noted instantaneous reductions in pain from having the Botox injected directly into their muscle where it joins the jaw and the cranium.

Botox is already used in the treatment of migraines and earlier this month, scientists at Radboud University in Holland suggested it may be useful in reducing excess salivation among people with motor problems.

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