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Botox customers urged to only go to accredited professionals


Only get Botox from someone qualified to administer it, people have been warned.People considering having Botox should only go to accredited professionals for the treatment, one expert has urged.

Independent ¬Healthcare Advisory Service director Sally Taber told the Mirror that unregulated "cowboys" are putting people's health at risk, in some cases causing lumps and serious skin infections by injecting the drug without knowing how to do it correctly.

She added that some unscrupulous dealers are even masquerading as professionals and faking qualifications, such as Advanced Aesthetic Practitioners, something Ms Taber described as "worrying".

The expert is meeting with the government this week in order to clamp down on rogue traders, but she urged the public to do their own stringent research in the meantime.

"There are good practices available and people should put themselves in the hands of the medical professionals and not risk anything that seems cheaper. It is not worth the risk," Ms Taber added.

Botox patient Shane Gauthier told the Edmonton Sun last month that he is glad he had the treatment, because it makes him look younger and he has developed more self-esteem.

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