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Botox ‘could help Brits look younger’


People could look younger by using Botox, it has been claimed.

Botox injections could be used by Britons hoping to regain their lost youth – at least in terms of their appearance.

Dr William Greenberg at Skin Thera P Medical Cosmetic & Laser Spa in New York has claimed that these products can be used to fill smile lines and wrinkles, while dermal fillers can also be effective in tackling these problems.

He commented: “Dermal fillers continue to grow in popularity among my patients, but Artefill is the only product on the market proven to last.”

Elsewhere, a recent survey carried out by The Wealthy Dentist highlighted the growing demand for Botox treatments at dental surgeries across the UK.

The study showed that 16 per cent of dental offices now offer Botox and related treatments, as many dental professionals feel the products are perfectly suited to help improve the appearance of patients after they have undergone cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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