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Anthea Turner talks openly about Botox use


TV presenter Anthea Turner has decided honesty is the best policy when it comes to cosmetic treatment and she has spoken to the Daily Star about her own procedures; the 55-year-old admitted that she has gone under the knife to enhance her chest and also dabbled with Botox injections to fight the signs of aging. Anthea called Botox ‘a marvellous thing’ and added that she ‘can look angry but not furious.’

Anthea surprised many by being so open about her cosmetic treatments and she explains that ‘I’ve got no problems with it at all and I would never lie about it. How can you say you’re all natural when everyone knows it’s not true at all?’ The former GMTV presenter added that she is always suspicious of other celebrities who claim not to have had any work done, saying ‘Sometimes, people say they haven’t had Botox and I just think; you’re a liar!’

As well as getting advice on remaining youthful from her previous GMTV guests, such as Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham, Anthea is thought to have started experimenting with Botox and cosmetic surgery after she split from her husband of 13 years, Grant Bovey. She added that all you need to do is ‘tidy up as you go along’, rather than letting the lines and wrinkles develop.

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