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Alicia Douvall warns Chantelle Houghton to lay off lip fillers


She was recently pictured after having filler injections into her already swollen pout, and now Chantelle Houghton’s apparent addiction to the treatment has sparked concern among her fellow reality stars. Known for her own obsession with appearances, TV regular Alicia Douvall has warned the Celebrity Big Brother winner to reduce her lip filler treatment before she goes too far.

Chantelle has made no secret of the fact that she likes dermal lip injections, even posting a video of herself having the treatment done, but fans fear that the mother-of-one has taken it too far and should take a break from the plumping treatment.

Alicia spoke to Closer magazine about plastic surgery and explained that she would talk to Chantelle about the need for cosmetic treatment; she said that she would like to explain to Chantelle that surgery is not necessary to feel good about herself. Alicia added that it can be ‘a dangerous path’ once someone becomes addicted to this type of treatment and they start with smaller procedures before moving onto more extensive work.

An insider close to Chantelle said that the reality star was trying to cope with several ‘broken relationships’ and body issues by turning to cosmetic treatment. They added that Chantelle ‘has convinced herself that it’s the only way to boost her confidence and get her happy every after.’


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