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Fad dieting ‘could harm oral health’


A survey carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation has shown how fad diets could be having an adverse impact on the oral health of Brits.

It showed that a third of UK adults do not spend the recommended amount of time brushing their teeth each day and the advent of fad diets, such as the maple syrup diet, means large amounts of sugar are not being cleaned from the tooth surface.

As a result, there are growing levels of tooth decay – especially for young women, for whom these diets are more popular.

Elsewhere, Dr Robert Macgregor – a Canadian dental professional – recently stated that smoking can lead to an array of problems, most of which will impact on the gums, as well as weakening the mouth’s defences against other oral health issues.

As such, he warned smokers to quit the habit, as it could be causing untold problems to their oral health.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19804948-ADNFCR

Dental implants ‘cut hassle’


Dental implants can be the perfect solution for individuals with missing teeth and dental professionals have become increasingly adept at the procedures in recent years, reducing hassle for patients, it has been claimed.

According to Dental Implants Associates in Chicago, establishing the treatment as a common occurrence has led to the creation of bespoke facilities for the manufacture of these dental tools, leading to shorter waiting times for patients.

Indeed, dentists are now able to hold consultations with patients on what they wish to achieve from the treatment and have the implants ordered, manufactured and ready to be fitted in no time at all.

Elsewhere, Tooth Implants in Chicago recently claimed that the introduction of dental implants has helped to revolutionise the way tooth loss is treated in recent years.

The company stated that dental implants have become a mainstay of the industry, marking a sharp change from the previous options of dentures and bridges for those who suffered tooth loss.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19804942-ADNFCR

Botox ‘helps to reduce the appearance of aging’


Botox treatments can help people to reverse the signs of aging, it has been stated.

New Jersey Botox supplier Dr Numb argued that the procedure can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It works by temporarily blocking the impulses that nerves send to affected areas, thereby paralysing the tissue, causing the overlying skin to remain unwrinkled and smooth.

Indeed, treatments can usually be carried out in less than 15 minutes and the results will be instant.

The company stated that the side-effects of the treatment are usually relatively minor, including some redness, tenderness and a small amount of bruising.

Meanwhile, Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian recently stated that she would not be averse to the use of Botox to help herself stay looking young.

Indeed, the reality TV star also noted that she would be willing to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to look her best.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19804936-ADNFCR

High-tech tools ‘help dentists diagnose problems’


New technologies are making it easier for dentists to diagnose. The use of new technologies can help dentists to diagnose problems more easily, it has been stated. Suncoast News reports that US dentist Dr Garland Forbes believes the introduction of digital imaging technology can help dental professionals see problems in greater detail and this, in turn, allows them to better fix issues that patients might be having with their teeth.  He said: “Simply stated, with 3D X-rays, we will be able to diagnosis and treat patients earlier and help people keep their own teeth.” Elsewhere, cosmetic dentist Dr Scott Greenhalgh recently stated that individuals who have high levels of anxiety in regard to dentistry procedures could benefit from embracing IV sedation procedures. He noted it can help people who have chronic pain issues regarding their teeth and who need extensive or multiple procedures carried out in a single sitting.

Kim Kardashian ‘had Botox’


Kim Kardashian has admitted having Botox treatments in the past. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has admitted to having Botox treatments to help her look more youthful. The socialite stated, however, that apart from these treatments, her look is 100 per cent natural and that she would not contemplate going under the surgeon’s knife. Although she did claim she would not be averse to the idea in the future.  “I’m totally not against plastic surgery,” she told ABC News “I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the only thing that I’ve done.” Meanwhile, actress and star of Ugly Betty Vanessa Williams recently revealed that she has become hooked on Botox and feels there is nothing wrong with having the treatment carried out. Ms Williams stated she uses Botox lightly, in order to keep herself looking her best, and that she is so happy with the results that she often tells other members of the cast about her good experiences.

Kylie ‘giving up Botox’


Kylie Minogue has said she has given up Botox. Kylie Minogue has said she plans to give up having Botox treatments, instead preferring to “grow old gracefully”. The singer and style icon has admitted to using a range of cosmetic treatments in the past, including Botox, but now says she wants to put all that behind her and move into the next phase of her life with a clean slate. She commented: “Yes, I’ve used Botox, but not any more … I’m embracing my age.” Ms Minogue added that she is body confident at present and feels she does not need to artificially improve her looks and denied having a face-lift. Elsewhere, former Atomic Kitten and reality TV star Kerry Katona has said she has used Botox also. She told Now magazine: “I’ve had a bit on my forehead. I was worried sick about having it as I didn’t want to look weird.”

Smiles for Life helps make cosmetic dentistry available


A worldwide group is helping put smiles on thefacesof the less fortunate. An initiative in the US is seeing donations being made to dental practices to help them carry out cosmetic dentistry procedures for those who cannot afford treatment. Products such as Zoom teeth whitening and dental implants are being handed out to needy recipients as part of the Smiles for Life programme, with celebrity dentist Dr Bill Dorfman – star of Extreme Makeover – backing the scheme.  Children not just in the US, but around the world, are benefiting from Smiles for Life, with hundreds of dental offices around the globe taking part and providing much-needed assistance to children, in particular from poorer backgrounds. Elsewhere, Daily Breaking News recently reported that anyone worried about the appearance of their smile has been reassured there are treatments available that can help them solve this problem. The publication noted that dentistry has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years.

Patients ‘anxious over anaesthesia’


Anaesthesia in the dentist’s office causes anxiety for many. Many cosmetic dentistry patients get anxious by the thought of anaesthesia, a new survey has shown. Up to 85 per cent of people feel worried about the use of anaesthesia, according to a poll carried out by the University of Salford.  It showed that the top concerns were waking up during surgery, not waking up after the treatment and simply the general feeling of unease in the run-up to the procedure. Mark Mitchell, senior lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the University of Salford, said: “Our survey underlines the importance of patients receiving planned and timely information about anaesthesia, prior to the day of surgery, in order to limit their dental anxiety.” Elsewhere, research carried out by Dr William H Frey and his colleagues at Regions Hospital in St Paul, Minnesota and published in the American Chemical Society’s bi-monthly journal Molecular Pharmaceutics showed the use of a nasal spray or drops in place of injections could be equally effective for anaesthetising patients who are undergoing treatments.

Hearing aid ‘uses teeth’


A new gearing aid has been designed that uses the teeth to pass signals to the ear. A hearing aid has been developed that uses the teeth to send signals to the inner ear for processing. The SoundBite is a new form of hearing aid that is surgical implanted into a person’s ear, Inhabitat reports. It is able to detect sounds and then uses a piezoelectric motor to send vibrations through the jaw to the teeth, where these vibrations are picked up by a sensor and then wirelessly sent to a receiver in the inner ear.  Field tests have shown that patients reported 80 to 100 per cent hearing restoration when using the technology. The device is now undergoing Food and Drug Administration approval in the US and is likely to be available next summer with a price tag of $6,000 (£4,167). Elsewhere, a new tooth implant has been developed that is capable of holding a person’s entire dental history. The I-Denti-Fied chip is accessed using a scanner, which then sends the records to a computer so they can be read. It was designed and patented by dentist Kevin Brunski.

Older jobseekers ‘having teeth whitening’


Many people over 40 who are looking for work are having their teeth whitened. Many older jobseekers are turning to cosmetic dentistry to improve their prospects of finding employment, it has been revealed.  The Grand Forks Herald reported that the number of men and women over 40 and looking for work who come in for treatments has increased as a result of the economic downturn and this is a trend that looks set to continue. Dr Susan Mathison of Catalyst Medical Centre in Fargo told the publication: “I think that people in their 40s and 50s are feeling like they’re competing for positions with younger potential job candidates, so looking their best is very important to them.” She added that many feel having a fresh look will help them secure work. Elsewhere, Jim Arnold of recently said that many individuals often begin to think about brightening up their smile using teeth whitening treatments at this time of year, as the summer months are often the time when people want to look their best.

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