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Sofia Vergara won’t rule out cosmetic procedures in the future


Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara might look younger than her forty-two years but she hasn’t ruled out getting a little help to fight the aging process; the mother-of-one spoke candidly about her love of beauty products in an interview with In Style magazine.

When asked about Botox and dermal filler injections, Sofia told the publication ‘If it makes you happier and more confident, then why not?’ Although she did not specify whether she has had any work done already, the actress was keen to add that it is important to research your chosen treatments carefully first ‘so you know what to expect – that you’ll look fresher but not necessarily younger.’ She went on to say that she doesn’t want to get older but seems to have accepted it as ‘a natural process’ and added that she is ‘trying to do it gracefully’.

When it comes to beauty products, Sofia is also a fan and said that she finds it ‘important to wear mascara and lipstick every day’ unless you are a supermodel. The American TV star describes herself as ‘crazed’ about make-up and other beauty regimes that may help to slow the aging process; she explained that she reads about aging celebrities that look ‘ridiculously gorgeous’ and buys every product they mention in an effort to maintain a youthful appearance for longer.

Man leaves teeth embedded in his friend’s knee after trampolining accident


A London man was knocked unconscious after a trampolining accident and woke up to find that three of his teeth were embedded in his friends leg; Peter Walsh, 29, was play-fighting on a trampoline with his friend Daniel Rigby, also 29, when the pair collided and Mr Walsh was knocked out.

Mr Rigby explained that after the two crash-landed he realised that his friends teeth were stuck in his own knee, he said ‘[Peter] was probably out for a couple of minutes. He was face down and I saw blood coming out of his mouth and teeth missing so I thought it was quite bad.’ The friends managed to call for a taxi and made their way to Croydon University Hospital for treatment.

Although medics attempted to remove the teeth they left some particles under the skin, resulting in a dangerous infection. Mr Rigby had to return to the hospital to have his knee x-rayed and the doctor identified some fragments of bone cartilage that had not been extracted.

Since the incident, Mr Rigby has been having trouble with his leg and he has started legal proceedings against the hospital for failing to spot that there were still some parts of the teeth in his leg. He explained ‘It’s been really bad… my leg stiffens up and I have to strap it up when it gets really bad’.

Shia LaBeouf talks tooth removal in Jimmy Kimmel interview


Actor Shia LaBeouf has been talking about his latest role in the WW2 film Fury on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the 28-year-old seems to have taken method acting to a new level, after having a healthy tooth removed for the part. The Transformers star now has a prosthetic tooth filling the space on the bottom jaw.

The interview, which aired on Monday, revealed that LaBeouf had the healthy tooth extracted deliberately in order to delve deeper into the role of a soldier fighting in France during the Second World War. Shia told Jimmy Kimmel that he initially had some trouble finding a dentist that would perform the procedure and called it a ‘mission’ because most dentists are not going to extract a healthy tooth at the behest of a patient.

Shia was told several times that the extraction ‘doesn’t make any medical sense at all’ because there was nothing physically wrong with the tooth, but the actor eventually managed to find a dental professional willing to carry out the treatment. He explained ‘I found a guy in Reseda next to a Radio Shack and he didn’t ask too many questions.’

Shia’s new dental condition can be viewed on the big screen when Fury is released in the UK towards the end of October.

Tooth problems could have cost athletes an Olympic medal


Health experts have revealed that tooth decay and other dental problems may have cost a number of athletes a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games and statistics have shown that poor oral health may have affected a fifth of the athlete’s performances. The study revealed that 18% of sports men and women complained that the condition of their teeth may have had a negative impact on their athletic performance at the games.

Health experts at University College London said that athletes should give dental hygiene the same priority as other sports sciences to increase their performance by even the smallest margins. Professor Ian Needleman of the UCL Eastman Dental Institute said that problems concerning the teeth and gums are ‘easily preventable’ and could mean the difference between a gold medal and a silver one. Professor Needleman said ‘professional athletes and their teams spend a lot of time and money on ways to marginally improve performance, as this can make all the difference in elite sports.’ He also added ‘things like better tooth brushing techniques and higher fluoride toothpastes could prevent… toothache and associated sleeping and training difficulties.’

It has also been suggested that acidic energy drinks can cause decay among athletes and the researchers were keen to point out that they were not trying to ‘demonise’ energy drinks or suggest that athletes don’t use them, but people should be aware of their dental condition and take measures to reduce the risks to oral health.


Chile midfielder suffers dental trauma on the pitch


Chilean footballer Gary Medel was rushed to the dentist for mouth surgery after suffering an accident on the pitch in a friendly game with Peru. Chile went on to win the match 3-0 but the former Cardiff midfielder had to head straight to the dentist instead of celebrating the victory.

The clash occurred after Medel had scored for his country and he collided with Ricardo Cruzado of Peru towards the end of the first half. Cruzado earned himself a red card for the wayward elbow and Medel suffered severe dental trauma. The 27-year-old was left spitting blood as a result of the collision and two of his teeth where knocked out of the sockets; another tooth was badly damaged and Medel also required stitches to treat a cut to his tongue.

Despite his injuries, Medel seemed to be recovering well and later posted an update to followers on Twitter, saying ‘One less tooth and another broken in a ‘friendly’ game. Thank you all for your concern.’

Team doctor Giovanni Carcuro released a statement after treating the midfielder, explaining ‘As soon as the match had finished, [Medel] had an urgent dental operation to resolve this situation’.

Kelly Ripa takes son for a trip to the orthodontist in New York


American TV presenter Kelly Ripa was pictured in a jovial mood after taking her son to the dentist for a check-up; the mother-of-three was photographed outside an orthodontic clinic in New York with her youngest child, looking relaxed and happy.

The 44-year-old chat show host shared a laugh with 11-year-old Joaquin as the pair left the clinic in casual winter outfits, huddling together to keep out the cold.

Later on in the day, Kelly shared a picture of the trip on her Instagram account, showing her son in the dentist’s chair. The photograph showed Joaquin smiling while wearing red protective glasses and a cheek retractor so that the dentist could see his teeth clearly; the youngster did not seem to be anxious about the dental check-up as he gave the thumbs up to the camera. The dentist is also seen in the corner of the picture wearing a surgical mask for the treatment. Although it is unclear exactly what treatment was taking place, Kelly also added the caption ‘It’s the mysterious Dr. Sherman and equally intriguing Joaquin attempting to have a conversation about braces’ suggesting that her son is about to start orthodontic work

Chemicals in toothpaste change taste receptors after brushing


According to researchers in America, chemicals contained in most toothpaste can change the taste receptors in the tongue, which explains why products like orange juice tastes so bitter after the teeth have been brushed. A new study has revealed that this sensation can be related to a chemical called sodium lauryl sulphate, a detergent that is commonly found in toothpaste.

The detergent suppresses sweet tastes on the tongue and breaks down the compounds that would stop bitter tastes from coming through. The findings were published as an online video journal called Reactions, which can be found on the American Chemical Society’s website. The video details the 10,000 taste buds and 100 taste receptors on the tongue, which are affected by the detergent found in the toothpaste.

The video specifies that the sweet receptors are inhibited and explains that ‘this opens up a clear pathway for bitter molecules to reach taste receptors in the mouth.’ The scientists goes on to say that this is the ‘most likely’ reason why orange juice changes taste from sweet to sour when drunk after the teeth have been brushed.

Model Abbey Clancy suffers dental injury


As part of her job, model Abbey Clancy is expected to look perfect all the time and nothing is more important than a flawless smile, so a tooth chip will certainly make things difficult for the mother-of-one. Abbey didn’t say what caused the dental damage but the model quickly took to Twitter to ask for a dentist who might be able to help repair her tooth immediately.

After suffering the dental accident, Abbey decided that her first course of action would be to get on Twitter rather than contacting an emergency dentist over the phone – as most people would probably do. The model also posted a black and white picture of herself showing the damaged tooth, adding the caption ‘when can you fix me’ next to the photograph.

Whilst Abbey did not update followers on the situation, she did ask fans what they would like to see at her next launch, saying ‘tell me what you want and I will make it happen’. The famous WAG has been working on her next clothing range for high-street store Matalan, she has also been talking about the new series of Strictly Come Dancing with Alan Carr on Channel Four’s Chatty Man, and admitted that she was jealous of the new contestants, even joking that she wants them ‘all to be c**p.’

Almost 10% of three-year-olds in Derbyshire have tooth decay


Research body Public Health England (PHE) has revealed that 9.2% of children in Derbyshire have evidence of tooth decay, although this is less than the national average of 11.7%, Derbyshire County Council say they are committed to improving the numbers even further.

A spokesman for the council said that they are pleased that the number is below the national average and said that they will work hard to ensure that the percentage does not increase in the coming years. The spokesman said ‘This is really positive and tells us that parents understand the impact poor oral health can have on their children and are taking steps to avoid it. We know there are areas where we can do better and we will be targeting those with oral health promotion initiatives.’

The council is hoping to continue working with communities in the county to improve oral health and the aim is to prevent decay in all children by encouraging ‘good tooth care routines early on, brushing with fluoride toothpaste [and] avoiding too many sugary drinks and sweets.’ By helping children develop good habits with regards to dental health, kids in Derbyshire should be able to enjoy healthy teeth throughout childhood and entering into adulthood.

Has Mega n Fox been getting more Botox injections?


Actress Megan Fox turned more than a few heads when she made her big screen debut in 2007’s Transformers but now fans are questioning whether she has had too much work done to alter her famous looks – and some fans in Germany even failed to recognise the star because of her changing appearance.

Megan, 28, was in Germany this week to attend a photo call for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, in which she plays journalist April O’Neal, and onlookers were surprised by the change in her complexion. Despite Megan looking stunning in a David Koma outfit and dark makeup some fans were disappointed by the actresses altered face, with one Twitter follower posting ‘Megan Fox was the epitome of beauty for me. Until Botox came into play.’

Although Megan has yet to comment on the latest speculation surrounding her appearance she has denied Botox use in the past, even going so far as to post a series of pictures on her Facebook page to dispel the rumours. The post, which included several pictures of Megan making facial expressions, was entitled ‘Things You Can’t Do With Your Face When You Have Botox.’