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Brandi Glanville admits to overdoing cosmetic surgery


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has been speaking on E!’s newest celebrity plastic surgery show, Good Work, about her various cosmetic treatments and how she feels about ageing on TV.

42-year-old Brandi was brutally honest about the treatments that she has had done and when asked by host Ru Paul whether she has had cosmetic surgery on her face, she replied ‘tons… fillers and Botox and I’ve definitely made some mistakes but it’s hard to watch yourself get older on television.’ She added that watching her reality show makes her question which treatment she should have avoided and what she might have done next.

As well as talking openly about the procedures, Brandi added that she may have undergone some ‘bad Botox’ in the past but feels unashamed about her choices. The mother-of-two added ‘I’ve definitely over-filled and I’ve definitely had some bad Botox where your eyes drop but, y’know, there’s no shame in my game.’

The former model also appeared on the final reunion episode of the reality show, which aired on the same day as Good Work; Brandi can be seen getting into a war of words with several of her co-stars.

Jeremy Kyle guest makes triumphant return after online bullying


The TV guest that set Twitter alight with hateful comments has returned to the show that sparked the abuse to begin with, and she’s done it with a set of new teeth worth £10,000. Gemma Swift was lambasted by social media sites and made fun of for her unusual dental condition – which stemmed from dental trauma she suffered as a child.

After seeing the abuse Gemma was exposed to, The Jeremy Kyle Show agreed to help by providing her with new teeth, thanks to dental specialist Lance. Gemma thanked the show, saying, ‘I’m a whole different person. It has changed my life.’ She added ‘I can look in the mirror again and not worry about anything.’

Gemma’s dental problems first started when she walked into a lamppost aged just six years old, and she suffered bullying at school as a result of the condition.

After such a venomous reaction the first time she appeared on the show, Twitter users were this time full of praise for Gemma’s transformation, calling it ‘fantastic’ and saying she looks ‘so much better’ than when she visited the show to talk about her abusive ex-boyfriend back in January.

TV’s ‘The Fixer’ says she is thinking about Botox


TV’s Alex Polizzi is well known for pulling no punches on her shows about improving floundering businesses and the 43-year-old is now looking at ways to make herself look better on screen as she turns her attention to the restaurant industry for her new show.

The Fixer, as she’s known on the BBC, says that watching herself on television has made her ‘realise the passage of time’ and wonder if she could benefit from some Botox injections. She said ‘I’m 43 and I can’t believe how much I’ve aged in the past few years – probably since I had my son. You think ‘Maybe I should start thinking about Botox.’

The famous hotelier added ‘In a very boring, female way, I’m quite obsessed with how I look but I’m under no illusions. I’m not on telly because I’m pretty; I’m on telly because I know what I’m talking about.’

Discussing her own viewing habits, Alex says she is not a fan of BBC hit show The Apprentice; she calls it ‘repulsive’ and ‘a parody’ because of the contestants who apply to take part in the programme. She also added ‘I’m amazed at how violent TV is these days so I love that half-hour of children’s TV I watch every day.’

Kym Marsh is considering Botox before her third wedding


Actress Kym Marsh is said to be ‘thinking about’ getting Botox injections ahead of her wedding to fiancé Dan Hooper next year. The 38-year-old admits that her partner does not think she needs the treatment but is still considering the injections to make her skin look fresh and wrinkle-free on the big day.

In an interview with OK! magazine, the Coronation Street star said that she keeps looking at her face and wondering if it is time to get Botox treatment. Kym said ‘I’m a bit nervous about having anything done, but I’ve got a few weeks off now so I’m going to make some enquiries – I’m thinking about just a tiny amount in my forehead.’ Although she wants to get rid of wrinkles, the actress is still thinking about her career and how she needs to form expressions as part of her day job; she explains ‘Have you seen the faces I pull in Corrie? I frown all the time so I’d still need to be able to move it!’

After being married twice previously, Kym is sure that three times is the charm for her and husband-to-be Dan; she told the magazine that everything is ‘easy’ with her fiancé and their first year together has flown by as it feels like they have known each other ‘forever.’ Speaking about her bridegroom, Kym says ‘we’re really comfy with each other and I’m lucky to be with my best friend.’

Liverpool woman is left with £30,000 bill to fix her botched dental work


A woman from Liverpool has been left with £30,000 to pay after her dentist botched her treatment, in a case that was described as an ‘oral bombsite’. Rose Devereux, 49, had to re-mortgage her house to pay for the results of the alleged incompetent treatment. The General Dental Council (GDC) has investigated the work of dentist Janakan Siva and decided that the case should go before a disciplinary committee this week.

Rose’s bottom row of teeth was all but destroyed due to gum disease and crowns were used to cover up the top teeth, which were in a similar state beneath the restorations. The patient had to have all of her lower teeth removed and needed to undergo bone grafting treatment after suffering 50% bone loss over the eight years she attended treatment at the surgery.  Rose also claims that further health problems developed as a result of the dental work, such as headaches and hip pains.

Rose told the Liverpool Echo ‘It’s been a long battle to get this far, and I’m glad I’ve stuck with it to prove my feeling that the treatment I received was way short of what is expected for a dentist.’ She now has a £30,000 bill to pay a dental specialist in Manchester to correct the years of poor treatment. The General Dental Union has not made any comment on Siva’s behalf as yet.

Rita Ora records video of herself after wisdom teeth removal


People are probably more familiar with Rita Ora looking glamorous when she appears on screen, but the singer has released a video proving that she’s just like the rest of us when it comes to dental treatment. Rita, 24, posted an Instagram video of herself following her wisdom teeth removal and it has quickly gone viral, showing the TV judge looking far less polished than normal.

Rita speaks to the camera after the operation and appears groggy after coming round from anaesthetic. The singer is shown sitting in a chair with a blanket draped over her; the camera-person tells her she doesn’t have to talk as Rita slurs her words and struggles to speak. Her friend reassures her, saying ‘I don’t know what you are saying, but that’s ok.’

After posting the amusing video on her Instagram account, Rita added the caption ‘So I just took my wisdom teeth out and I think what I’m trying to say is chickens… oh god watching this back I don’t remember anything!!!!!’ She also added ‘straight to bed for me.’

Twitter was instantly inundated with posts from fans and followers, complementing Rita on the cute video and asking if she is feeling better following her treatment.

Scottish couple buy each other Botox as anniversary present


A couple from Scotland have decided that Botox would be the perfect gift for their first anniversary and purchased the his & hers treatments for each other to celebrate the milestone. According to the Daily Record, Tracey Alexander and Stephen Halleran visited the clinic for the Botox injections in order to give themselves a fresher, more youthful appearance; Tracey has just turned 40 and Stephen is 47 – both felt that frown lines on their foreheads made them look angry.

As well as Botox, Tracey opted for filler injections into her lips and she could not be happier with the results, she told the paper; ‘Stephen thinks my lips are brilliant – much more kissable, which has now committed me to having them done every year as I don’t want to go back to skinny lips.

Explaining their unusual choice for an anniversary present, Tracey said that they couldn’t think of anything conventional that they might want and so decided that Botox would be a good choice; she said ‘I’m always on a diet so I didn’t want chocolates. I’m not that keen on the smell of flowers. I’m probably non-traditional and awkward to get presents for anyway.’ She added that the couple feel they now have ‘a new beginning in an older body.’

Sales of DIY dental kits on the rise


Dental kits that allow patients to carry out DIY dental work at home are becoming popular as more people look for a cheaper alternative to costly professional treatment. The kits, which include materials to carry out fillings and repair crowns, can be bought on the high street for as little as five pounds. According to The Guardian, Department for Health figures suggest that more people than ever are receiving dental treatment on the NHS but sales of products such as DenTek, a DIY repair kit, are still said to be on the rise.

John Wildman, professor of health economics at Newcastle University told the paper that people with lower income in poorer areas of the country don’t take part in surveys and don’t visit their GP’s, which is how they essentially fall through the cracks when research is carried out into DIY dentistry.

According to British Dental Health Foundation, one in five people admitted they would carry out DIY dentistry, such as extracting their own teeth, because of the cost of dental treatment.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, said that ‘DIY dentistry is both dangerous and unnecessary. There are too many senseless examples of people either pulling out the wrong tooth or ending up with an infection. It is all too easy to make the problem worse, which could result in more invasive and expensive treatment.’

Man pulls out his own teeth after failing to find a dentist


A Gulf war veteran has resorted to carrying out his own dental work after he couldn’t find an NHS dentist that was taking on new patients. Ian Boynton, 42, of Beverley, Yorkshire, had not had his teeth examined since he was in the army over ten years ago. He claimed he has tried to get in at around thirty different surgeries in the past eight years but was unsuccessful and when his teeth started to hurt in 2006 he had no choice but to try out some DIY dental treatment

Ian first started to experience pain in his front tooth and resorted to pulling the troublesome tooth out with pliers because it was hurting so much; he said ‘Amazingly, it did not hurt as much as you might think. I think I’d been prising it that much in the meantime that I’d been killing the nerve.’

Altogether, Ian has pulled out thirteen of his own teeth in the last two years alone and now only has two left on the top jaw. The former army medic served in Iraq in 2003 but found himself on benefits and unable to afford private dental care after leaving the service due to injury. He said ‘It’s a horrible situation to be in when you can’t afford to go to the dentist when my teeth were so bad. I desperately needed a dentist because, although I’m no longer in pain, I need to have false teeth as I’m finding it difficult to eat.’

Demand for cosmetic dentistry fuels spending at UK dentists


As more and more people seek the perfect smile, dentists are enjoying a boom in business in the UK; experts estimate that turnover could have increased by almost a quarter over the past four years. Cosmetic dentistry at the 100 largest firms in the country reached almost a billion pounds last year, with an average figure of £10million for each surgery.

Peter Alderson, managing director of finance company LDF, said that the British people have embraced cosmetic dental treatments, such as whitening and orthodontics, which is reflected in the incomes at the country’s top dental surgeons. Mr Alderson added ‘Increasing numbers of dental patients are… willing to pay significant amounts of money for cutting-edge services, especially if they are delivered in a more exclusive, private clinic-style environment.’ He went on to say that, thanks to investments in new equipment, such as the latest IT systems, surgeries are able to bring new patients in for various modern treatments. Although this is expensive for most practices, it seems to have paid off if the latest numbers are anything to go by.

Official figures suggest that 200 dentists in England earn over £300,000 a year by doing a mixture of private and NHS dental work. The figures on private dental work only are not currently available and are not thought to be published.