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Kim Zolciak announces she has had Ultherapy on her jawline, following last month’s Botox and fillers


Kim Zolciak makes no secret of the cosmetic work she has undergone over the years. The 38-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star has had a collection of work done from Botox and a tummy tuck to firming injections in her buttocks. Earlier in the month, on a family trip to Los Angeles, Kim posted pictures on Snap Chat of her receiving Botox and Lip fillers from the famous Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr Simon Ourian.


Now she has spoken out about her most recent procedure. In an interview with Bravo’s ‘The Lookbook’ she revealed that she has had Ultherapy, a non-surgical treatment that lifts, tones and tightens sagging skin, on her chin and jawline area. The procedure is also known as a non-surgical facelift, which has been approved by the FDA. Kim went on to say that the procedure was uncomfortable but the use of numbing cream did relieve some of the discomfort.


The revolutionary technique has been a big hit with celebrities over the years, with stars such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston raving about the treatment. The process uses ultrasound to, apparently, stun the skins own natural collagen into rebuilding itself, eliminating the need to for injections. The procedure is fairly costly, coming in at between $2,000 to $4,000 per sitting. The other potential negative is that it may take a few months to see the results.

Kendra Wilkinson shares her first Botox session on Snap Chat


Ex ‘Girl’s Next Door’ star, Kendra Wilkinson, says she has finally surrendered to the idea of getting Botox injections. The star has previously avoided facial cosmetic surgeries, such as Botox and dermal filler, as she has a real phobia of needles. However, she decided that it was the right time in her life to take the plunge and the decision was helped along by her friend and fellow ex playboy bunny, Jessica Hall, who Kendra jovially blamed before entering the treatment room.

The 31-year-old star decided to document the experience on her Snap Chat, posting photographs before, during and after the procedure. She was also quoted as saying that she is surprised her skin has not aged more over the years due to her ‘party girl’ lifestyle during her time at the Playboy Mansion. Kendra is living more of a family orientated lifestyle now but still wants to keep herself looking fresh and youthful.

Kendra was clearly elated with the results of the Botox as she Snap Chatted a photograph of herself screwing up her face with no visible lines on her forehead. Another photograph showed her giving a big ‘thumbs up’, with the caption ‘popped my cherry’ and she apparently yelled jubilantly, “I’m so happy right now, look at this” immediately after the procedure.

Olympic gold medal winning couple elated with Invisalign results


Gold medal winning couple, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott, underwent Invisalign treatment on the run up to the Rio Olympic games. The couple were eager to fix their crooked smiles ahead of the games to ensure that if they won medals their smiles would be perfect.

The couple’s foreboding paid off with Jason winning 3 gold medals to add to his collection, equalling Sir Chris Hoy’s record of 6. Laura also performed well, winning 2 gold medals to add to her previous tally, propelling her to the status of most decorated British female athlete of all time.

The couple’s decision to invest in Invisalign treatment stemmed from the London 2012 Olympic Games. The pair were pictured biting their medals which highlighted their crooked smiles. It was then that they decided to make the improvements. Laura was quoted as saying, “I had Invisalign treatment because I am in the public eye and wanted to be able to smile with more confidence.” Jason went on to say, “In pictures taken over the last eight years I had become very aware that my teeth were getting worse and I want to be able to smile on the podium at the Olympics.”

Due to the nature of the Invisalign procedure the clear braces allowed the athletes to train and compete unhindered and had the added aesthetical bonus of being virtually unnoticeable to anyone.

The Invisalign treatment has really boosted the couple’s confidence and the pair have been seen smiling broadly in many of their Rio Olympic photographs. The pair were treated by a Manchester orthodontist, Dr Bilal Bhatti, at his dental practice located near to the velodrome where they train. The couple are due to show off their perfect smiles again soon at their upcoming wedding ceremony.





Khloe Kardashian addicted to Botox and fillers


Khloe Kardashian’s strict exercise and diet regime is only part of the star’s transformation over the years. A friend told Now Magazine that the ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ star has spent a small fortune on cosmetic surgery, stating that the bill currently stands at around £1.5 million before adding that Khloe is obsessed with fillers and Botox


Khloe has stacked up quite a hefty surgery bill over the years, with a large proportion of the work being done on her face and neck. Some of the work Khloe Kardashian is said to have had so far includes, having facial fat moved from under her eyes to her cheekbones, Botox in her Jaw, temples and eye area, ear reshaping, jaw bone shaving along with laser treatments and acid peels.  It has been revealed that Khloe undergoes cosmetic laser treatments on her face and neck on a weekly basis and Botox every few weeks. In addition to the listed cosmetic works, Khloe has also had two nose jobs with a third planned in the future.


A good indicator of how much Khloe has changed could be seen last month when she went to visit her grandmother MJ, and was completely unrecognisable to the 82-year-old.

Sarah Harding’s appearance on ‘This Morning’ sparks cosmetic surgery rumours


Following the former Girl’s Allowed star’s recent appearance on the ‘This Morning’ show, furious speculation was sparked as to whether the star had undergone cosmetic surgery. During and after the show Twitter was alight with speculation about the star’s looks. One twitter follower said, “#sarahHarding she looks soooo different.”

Harding appeared on the show keen to discuss her new role in the musical adaptation of the early 90’s film, Ghost; however, the viewers seemed more interested in discussing her appearance than listening to her new career move. Another twitter user wrote, “I didn’t even recognise Sarah Harding on #ThisMorning, Where’s the Girls Aloud girl gone?”

Anita Rani, a presenter on the show, broached the subject with Harding, asking the question most viewers seemed eager to know, had she undergone plastic surgery or not? Her response was to laugh and deny the rumours. She also went on to move her eyebrows up and down in an attempt to prove she has not had Botox injections. When asked how she felt about cosmetic surgery she stated that she understands the insecurities women may face as they get older; however, they should embrace it and avoid surgery.

Desmond D’Mello struck off Dental Register due to malpractice.


Desmond D’Mello, a Nottinghamshire based Dentist, has been struck off by the GDC (General Dental Council) due to a string of malpractice claims being proven in a misconduct hearing. Out of the 56 allegations made 55 were proven.


D’Mello’s activities came to light when secret filming took place in 2014 at his Daybrook Dental Practice near Nottingham. The footage showed poor levels of hygiene which prompted a string of allegations, including: using the same gloves for more than one patient, not sterilising equipment after each use, issuing antibiotics for undiagnosed problems and leaving hands unwashed between patients.


Following the footage, the NHS issued a public health warning for low risk of infection to any patients that had received treatment from Mr D’Mello. Some 22,000 patients were recalled, with 4,526 of these being tested for blood-borne viruses to which 5 were found to have Hepatitis C.


D’Mello’s dental nurse, Caroline Surgey, also faced 27 allegations at the hearing which she admitted to. Surgey is still permitted to work as a dental nurse under strict conditions and supervision. During the hearing she stated that Mr D’Mello was cutting costs and that is why he did not like to change gloves between patients.


It emerged that Mr D’Mello did not attend the hearing and did not have legal representation on his behalf. Following the hearing the Daybrook Dental Practice has been renamed and is now under new Management.




Ch4 reality star denies having lip injections with make-up free selfie


Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt has been getting a lot of attention for her amazing weight loss recently, but now her online followers have suggested that she has had lip injections to enlarge her pout and the 25-year-old has taken to social media to shoot down the rumours by posting a picture of herself wearing no make-up.

The Channel 4 reality star is open about her love of make-up and admitted that she has had dental veneers fitted but denies getting any lip-plumping injections and insists her face is completely natural. The Gogglebox regular shared two pictures side by side; one showing her with a full face of heavy make-up and a filter, showing her apparently larger lips, and the other revealing a more natural look, without any make-up at all.

Scarlett posted the pictures to Instagram and added the caption ‘To prove a point about my lips! Just to show you what make up can do.’ She also denied having any injections recently, saying ‘I’m not having fillers every week like people are saying, these pics were taken on the same day.’ Apparently Scarlett has ‘lip liner and matte lipstick’ to thank for her plumper lips and drastically altered appearance.

Single mother with lip filler addiction wants to go bigger


A woman who has spent nearly £2,000 on lip filler injections says she doesn’t think her lips are that big and even admitted she would like to go bigger by getting further filler treatment. Alia Byrne, from Liverpool, has gone from having thin lips to enormous pouty ones in just under a year, and she says she’s not going to stop there.

Alia, 30, spoke to mailonline about her love of the lip enhancement treatment and said that her new lips have increased her confidence, even though some people do give her funny looks when she is walking down the street. Although Alia’s mum has told her to stop getting the filler injections, the single mother says it doesn’t bother her at all and says ‘it’s my life and lips and I don’t care.’

Alia added that she is ‘a good mum’ to her two year old son and lip fillers are the only thing that she does for herself; she insists other people should not be judging her for spending money on the cosmetic treatment as everything else she gets goes on her child.

After getting used to the size of her enormous lips, Alia is convinced they are not excessive and she could go further with the injections, saying ‘I would definitely like to get more fillers put in.’


MTV reality star films her getting lip fillers removed


After suffering a botched lip filler treatment, reality star Loren Green has decided to document the recovery process for her fans, starting with getting the lip fillers dissolved so that she can go back to her natural lips. After developing painful lumps in her lips following the injections, the Ex on the Beach star had to get the filler removed at a cosmetic surgery in the Midlands.

Loren, who appeared in series 2 of the MTV reality show, lived with the results of her botched treatment for eight months before deciding enough was enough and the filler had to be removed; she also decided to film the whole procedure, which was carried out by aesthetics surgeon Ian Morgan at Soul Care Aesthetics.

Loren told The Sun that she wanted to get the lip injections in the first place because she wanted ‘perfect lips’ like reality star Kylie Jenner; but instead of a plumper pout, she was left with ‘fish lips’, which were lumpy and painful. In the video, Loren can be seen having two injections administered to her lips; the treatment was completed in a matter of minutes. She later posted a follow-up video saying that the filler solution was ‘near enough all gone’ but she still has to visit the clinic again to have the remaining lumps removed.


Geordie Shore’s Nathan decides to document his own lip injections


It is becoming the trend to film surgical treatments and the latest reality star to jump on the bandwagon is Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry; the 25-year-old is joining fellow MTV reality stars Marnie Simpson and Charlotte Crosby by improving his pout with dermal filler injections.

Nathan took to Instagram to show off the procedure, posting pictures to document his filler injections and it seems that the reality regular was more than pleased with the results. The treatment, carried out by @macaesthetics, was apparently a complete success, as Nathan bemoaned how ‘unsymmetrical’ his lips were before getting the fillers injected.

Posting alongside a picture of himself post-surgery, Nathan raved about the results, saying that he had a ‘slightly wonky’ smile and now he was feeling much more confident with the way his lips look, adding ‘I haven’t stopped grinning.’ He thanked the surgery for his treatment, saying that the team keep him young.

However, fans online were unsure about the results, telling Nathan to avoid going down the route of the girls because he is already ‘very handsome’ and does not need any more work doing. Whilst another Twitter user quipped ‘Swear no one in Geordie Shore is natural anymore.’



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