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Aussie rules footballer suffers dental injury


Midfielder for the West Coast Eagles, Elliot Yeo, has had his two front teeth knocked out during an on-pitch collision with Collingwood ruckman Jarrod Witt. The two men clashed at the Melbourne Cricket Ground during a match on Saturday and Yeo came off worse; photographs show the player’s two front teeth breaking and flying out of his mouth. He is expected to have a dental bill close to £40,000 after the damage has been repaired.

Straight after the collision, the 20-year-old player was aware that some damage had been done and showed his teeth to the referee shortly before half time; reported that trainers were unable to retrieve the teeth, so Yeo is looking at a hefty dental bill to fix his broken smile.

Aussie rules players tend to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth whilst playing the physical game, but teammate Xavier Ellis told The Age that he believes Yeo had taken his mouth guard out ‘for 30 seconds to have a breather. I don’t think he’ll do that again.’ He added ‘I think he just took it out for literally 30 seconds and the ball came, so it’s a hefty price to pay.’

Despite his dental injury, Yeo appeared to see the funny side, tweeting ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…’ after the incident. The teeth are expected to be capped this week, providing there has been no splintering of the roots or nerve damage. He is set to be back in action this weekend for the game against North Melbourne.

New Research shows that wine could protect against tooth decay


According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, grape seed extracts found in wine could help to prevent cavities and it has been suggested that this information could be used to develop natural products to fight dental diseases. The researchers at the Spanish National Research Council, led by Maria Victoria Moreno-Arribas, said that a large percentage of the world’s population will suffer with dental problems at some time, so this could be good news for people who enjoy a glass of wine now and again.

The researchers revealed that bacteria in the mouth will cause plaque to form, which will damage the teeth and brushing can help to get rid of the plaque but the effects of oral hygiene can be limited. Grape seed extract can slow the growth of bacteria and new studies used this information to establish whether it could help to prevent cavities. In a series of experiments involving red wine, red wine without alcohol, red wine with grape seed extract, and water with 12% ethanol, it was found that the red wine, with or without alcohol, and the wine with grape seed extract were the most effective when it comes to getting rid of the bacteria that causes decay.

Dental receptionist saves patients life after he suffers a heart attack


A dental receptionist in Greater Manchester has brought a patient ‘back from the dead’ after he suffered a heart attack in the waiting room at the Maggie Jackson’s Independent Dental Hygiene Service, in Tameside. Charlotte Anderson-Hughes, 23, and dentist Chandra Metha managed to save patient Simon Walker, 53, by using a defibrillator to restart his heart, when they realised that the ambulance was not going to arrive in time.

Ms Anderson-Hughes said ‘He collapsed on the floor. Chandra shouted for me and put him in the recovery position but it wasn’t working – it was all so fast. I was looking at him and he was clinically dead. He was going blue and his eyes were open. It was awful.’ The team used the defibrillator twice and managed to get a pulse, then Mr Walker was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital by paramedics. He later sent a text to the staff saying he was ‘eternally grateful’ for their life-saving efforts.

Mr Walker spoke from his hospital bed, saying ‘How I can pay them back for what they did is impossible to say. I want to do something for them but I don’t know what yet – I’ll probably raise some money for more defibrillators around the town.’

Owner of the practice, Maggie Jackson, called the team ‘incredible’ and added that ‘He’s a friend of mine – so to have my staff save him was amazing.’

Tooth tattoos take off as a new dental trend


Tooth tattoos have been around for twenty years but they have only just taken off as an emerging trend; many people are getting pictures of their favourite cartoon character or football team permanently tattooed onto their dental crown. This treatment cannot be carried out on healthy teeth but it is becoming very popular with patients who require dental restorations.

A dental stain tattoo costs between $75 (£44) and $200 (£118) at the Suburbia Dental Laboratory in Bloomfield, Connecticut; the process involves applying the design to a crown in an oven where it is fired at 212 degrees. Dentist Steven Landman, who provides the treatment, even has his own tooth art; a drawing that was done by his daughter of her and her two brothers. He has also done everything from band logos to patient signatures over the past decade.

One satisfied customers, Tim Miller, spoke to WFSB after he had a shamrock tattooed onto his tooth as a tribute to his wife’s Irish heritage. He said ‘I thought about tattoos in the past but let’s face it, everyone has a tattoo and it’s no longer cool or unique. So that’s why I went ahead and got the tooth.’

Michael Buble loses a tooth on stage


Michael Buble suffered a dental emergency on stage at his show in Sydney on Friday night, but thankfully none of his fans realised there was a problem until he posted a picture of his dental treatment on website Instagram afterwards.

The singer managed to catch his front tooth on the microphone during the performance in Sydney and had to visit the dentist to get the damage repaired before his final show in the country. Michael posted a picture of himself in the dentist’s chair as the tooth was replaced and he still managed to crack a smile for his fans so that no one would worried about him.

Alongside the picture, Michael posted about his treatment, saying ‘Thankfully no one knew, but I knocked my tooth out with my microphone last night during the second song!!’ Reassuring his fans, he added ‘Don’t worry, I’m at the dentist getting fixed up for my final show tonight in #Sydney #australia #mbworldtour #tourlife.’

Buble was then pictured leaving the surgery after undergoing treatment and seemed in good spirits for his New Zealand dates, which kick off on Wednesday. They 38-year-old has been joined by his wife Luisana Lopilato and their nine-month-old son Noah, who should be able to keep him smiling while he recovers from the treatment.

Onlookers are stunned by Nicole Kidman’s changing appearance


Australian actress Nicole Kidman has said in the past that she does not want to have any more Botox treatment after her previous experience with the anti-wrinkle injections, but fans and onlookers were surprised by her appearance at the festival premiere of her new film Grace of Monaco at Cannes, in the south of France. Despite her 46 years, the mother-of-four displayed a suspiciously smooth forehead and her cheeks looked swollen as well.

Fans were surprised to see that she had no wrinkles or lines as she smiled for waiting photographers, when only last year she spoke to an Italian newspaper about cosmetic treatment, claiming ‘No surgery for me. I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again. I am completely natural.’

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi, plastic and laser surgeon, spoke to mailonline about Miss Kidman’s appearance, saying that the actress has ‘not one wrinkle’ on her forehead even when she is smiling broadly. He added ‘the last third of Nicole’s eyebrow appears nicely lifted, which is a classic sign of using Botox in the corners of the eyes where crow’s feet would otherwise appear.’

New toothpaste claims to rebuild lost tooth enamel


A new product has been developed to rebuild tooth enamel; its creators claim that the toothpaste can regenerate up to 82% of lost enamel after just three days of use. The company Unilever presents the toothpaste as a beauty product and explains that it contains calcium silicate and sodium phosphate, which should rebuild a new layer of enamel on the teeth by forming a fresh supply of minerals. This could also help to restore teeth to their original whiteness and make them stronger.

The product costs ten pounds and is also available with a ‘Boosting Serum’, which is another £30 to be used once a month with custom-fit mouth trays. The paste was launched yesterday at Selfridges and will subsequently be on sale at Boots from June 11th.

Research expert at Unilever, Fred Schafer, explained that ‘It is not generally understood that 80% of common teeth problems, such as cavities and yellowing, can be caused by acid attacks and enamel erosion. The problem is that when enamel…is lost, our body cannot regenerate it.’ Referring to the product, he said it ‘is the world’s first system able to reverse the early, invisible stages of this erosion and regenerate enamel with exactly the same mineral tooth enamel is made of.’

Creator of infamous Bond villain teeth is fined for posing as dental technician


The man who created the iconic metal teeth for James Bond villain ‘Jaws’ has been fined for claiming to be a dental technician. The teeth were designed by the dental technology company owned by Luis Fairman and they were worn by American actor Richard Kiel in the 007 films The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, released in the 1970’s. Mr Fairman was prosecuted by the General Dental Council (GDC) for posing as a dental technician without the necessary registration.

Fairman admitted the charge after it was revealed he labelled himself as a dental technician on a YouTube video that he posted online last November, East Cornwall Magistrates Court heard. All dental professionals – including technicians and hygienists – must be registered with the GDC to practice in the UK. Mr Fairman was fined £500, ordered to pay £500 towards costs, and a £50 victim surcharge for breaching the Dentists Act 1984. According to the dental regulator, Fairman was never registered with the GDC.

Reacting to the prosecution, Fairman said it was based on a ‘technicality’ and a ‘slip of the tongue’, saying ‘From 1978 to 2008 I was a dental technician and I was fully qualified. The GDC started registering everyone that moved in dentistry in 2008 and I said no thanks, I don’t want to be involved in that. I decided to stick to what I do, which is what I am legally entitled to do. I call myself a dental mechanic. I repair dentures and make copy dentures.’

Referring to the video he said that he ‘accidentally’ called himself a dental technician, explaining ‘[it was] because I used to be one and the GDC jumped on me like a tonne of bricks.’

QPR player gets tooth knocked out in clash on the field


Queens Park Rangers midfielder Gary O’Neil has suffered dental trauma after a stray elbow from Wigan player Shaun Maloney caught him in the mouth during a particularly aggressive tackle. The two players clashed during the opening minutes of the Championship play-off semi-final on Monday night at Lotus Road.

O’Neil’s tooth came flying out of the socket after the impact and the instance was captured on camera; the midfielder subsequently crumpled to the ground in pain. The 30-year-old was taken off the field for treatment and he was pictured gesturing to his mouth as the physicians made their way onto the pitch to help him out.

Despite his injury, O’Neil managed to get back on his feet and play the rest of the first half with cotton wool in his mouth to soak up the blood. The team went on to secure victory over Wigan and a place in the Championship final at Wembley, so the midfielder still had something to smile about. Harry Redknapp’s side even managed to come from behind to win, with a goal in extra time to achieve a 2-1 victory. Seeing the funny side of the situation, O’Neil posted a picture of the empty socket on social networking site Twitter and added the caption ‘All things worthwhile come at a price!!!’

Good teeth could help with social success


A top social scientist has claimed that our standing in society depends not on how intelligent or driven we are, but on the state of our teeth. Malcom Gladwell, author of David and Goliath, says that teeth are becoming the new benchmark for success, due to the fact that people with bad teeth are more likely to be turned down for ‘entry-level’ jobs thanks to their dental condition.

Speaking to The Times, Gladwell explained ‘that’s kind of the way we’re moving as the gap between the fit and the unfit grows. The teeth thing and the obesity problems are the same; they are symptoms of the same set of inferences that are being drawn.’ He added that ‘I think those kinds of physical characteristics – that’s completely the next wave of discrimination.’

A poll carried out by VisionCritical also found that people associate white teeth with wealth and status; the results showed that people with white teeth were considered to earn £10,000 more than they actually did on average. Healthy, attractive teeth could also make people look up to five years younger than their age and improve their employment potential by ten percent.

Eddie Crouch, of the British Dental Association, also told the paper that there is a noticeable gap between middle-class teenagers and those from deprived areas when it comes to orthodontic treatment. He explained that ‘Huge numbers of those kids that are referred to us from socially-deprived areas can’t have the treatment they need because their overall standard of dental health is too poor.’