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Sydney socialite says she is reducing her Botox use and has recently had cosmetic surgery



Socialite Zilda Williams, of The Bachelor fame, has said she wants to do away with Botox treatment completely and has undergone a breast reduction in order to be taken serious as an actress. The 33-year-old reality star is swearing off the anti-wrinkle treatment in order to stop people viewing her as ‘a Barbie’.

Zilda spoke to New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times about how she was stereotyped because of her looks and body type, so she decided to take drastic action by having a breast reduction and cutting her blonde hair short. Zilda explained ‘I wanted to strip my image down a bit… I’m getting older and I want people to see me as I am.’

Zilda is hoping to get into presenting on Australian TV and from there she would like to try her hand at acting, which is primarily why she decided to take a break from Botox injections. The New Zealand native made a name for herself down under with her brief but memorable stint on their version of dating show The Bachelor, and she has since been offered numerous opportunities to take part in other reality shows, however Zilda told Daily Mail Australia that she has already shot a pilot for a comedy serious with a major Australian network and is waiting to see whether it gets picked up.


Googlebox’s Scarlett Moffatt sparks rumours of addiction to lip fillers


More and more reality starlets are turning to lip injections in an effort to get the biggest pout in show business, and now we can add Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt to that list; the 25-year-old has recently admitted that she is slightly addicted to the treatment, mainly due to her insecurities and feelings of self-consciousness surrounding her appearance.

The former Beauty School Copout cast member told Now magazine that she has the lip plumping procedure done at least once a year and calls the treatment ‘addictive’. Speaking to the publication, she added that she has had the treatment done three times and blames her need for the injections on ‘another self-conscious thing’ even though she pledged not to ‘go mental with it’ and overdo the treatment completely. Scarlett went on to say that she tried using make-up to achieve the look she wanted but could not make it work because of a ‘dead shaky hand’ when applying lip liner.

However, recent pictures of the TV regular are unrecognisable compared to how she looked previously and fans, as well as social media sites, are wondering whether the young beautician has gone back on her work and taken it too far with the lip fillers.



Love Island’s Malin Andersson admits to spending thousands on lip fillers


Love Island’s Malin Andersson is making a name for herself online with her glamourous pictures but she has now admitted that her exotic looks are not all natural; the 23-year-old has admitted that she spend as much as thirty thousand pounds on lip fillers to plump up her pout. Malin, a make-up artist from Milton Keynes, says she has had the filler treatment done on thirty occasions.

Malin is currently on the latest series of the ITV show Love Island and has become a particular favourite with fans due to her blossoming romance with another contestant, but fans might not be aware that the beauty has turned to fillers to enhance her look.

Although she says she is a fan of lip fillers, Malin is not considering Botox treatment, bucking the trend when it comes to reality stars these days; as her fellow reality regulars Charlotte Crosby and Holly Hagan would agree. Many of the women in the reality sphere seem to be fans of cosmetic injections and they feature heavily on Instagram, showing off their new looks, as well as heavy make-up and the results of their Botox treatment and even cosmetic surgery.


Saved By The Bell actor jailed over parole violation for taking painkiller for toothache



Former Saved By The Bell cast member Dustin Diamond was jailed after violating his parole by taking painkiller Oxycodone, supposedly to treat painful toothache.

It was reported by TMZ that the 39-year-old tested positive for the drug after a routine screening in May, and argued with his parole officer that he had taken it to try and deal with a bout of toothache, but did not know what kind of drug it was as the prescription was an old one.

Diamond was jailed for two days after testing positive for the painkiller, as parole services did not believe his story. He was previously found guilty of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon and spent three months in jail; he was paroled in April and spoke to his former cast mate Mario Lopez about his time spent behind bars in an interview for Extra.

Diamond called the experience ‘daunting’ and ‘scary’ but managed to get out ‘unscathed’ as he followed the rules and didn’t fight the system.



Office ‘cake culture’ is leading to rotten teeth and rise in obesity


A leading health expert has claimed that Britain’s so-called ‘cake culture’ in offices around the country has led to an obesity epidemic and a rise in tooth decay. Professor Nigel Hunt, Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons, has said that people in offices are more likely to snack on sugary treats while at their desks, rather than healthy options, which has led to the rise in health problems throughout Britain.

Professor Hunt will give a speech to the Faculty of Dental Surgery suggesting that the problem arises from excessive consumption of sweet treats at work, with many people being rewarded for good work and celebrating birthdays with workmates by bringing cakes or doughnuts into the office to share. He explains that ‘it is particularly dangerous that this is lying around the office all day for, as we know, sugar has a particularly negative effect if it’s eaten outside of meal time.’

He is expected to add that ‘cake culture’ should be changed if we are going to combat problems with weight and dental health, but that this doesn’t mean we have to ban sweet treats completely, just consume in smaller quantities and perhaps only make then available at lunch time, rather than all day or during meetings.


Hi-tech toothbrush can clean teeth in just ten seconds


Dentists recommend brushing our teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time if we are to keep our teeth and gums healthy, but for those that don’t have time in the morning or before bed there is a new solution that could lower the time spent brushing to just ten seconds.

A new brush called GlareSmile has been invented to clean the teeth as quickly and efficiently as possible; inventors claim it can save so much time because it uses three separate brush heads to clean the entire surface of the tooth in a matter of seconds.

GlareSmile inventors have described the brush as ‘the first electric toothbrush which works 100% automatically on your teeth, guaranteeing the correct brushing technique in just 10 seconds.’ It also has an internal memory that keeps track of when the brush is used and it can be linked with an app so users are fully aware of their brushing habits. As well as brushing, the invention has a UV light to kill bacteria on the teeth and gums.

The Italian firm is currently looking for financing on investment site Kickstarter to push the project forward and begin manufacturing the brush for distribution.



Bridgend kids are waiting over two years for orthodontic treatment


According to WalesOnline, children in the Bridgend area are waiting more than two years to get braces to straighten their teeth and correct abnormal bites. Conservative AM for South Wales West, Suzy Davies, who discovered the lengthy waiting time, has said that the wait for NHS orthodontic treatment is ‘intolerable.’

Davies has called on Abertawa Bro Morgannwy University Health Board (ABMU) to take action and help children who have severe dental problems from developing further issues as they reach adulthood. Orthodontic problems can become more severe over time and a delay in treatment could make it much harder to correct them – which in turn is going to cost more for the NHS.

A spokesperson for ABMU said that they were ‘concerned’ about the situation and added that around 16% of referrals in this area where ‘inappropriate’ because they were for children under the age of ten, which is generally too young to start brace treatment. The health board has apologised for the issue and they are trying to reassure people in the area that they are doing all they can ‘to resolve the situation.’ Dentists in Bridgend have been advised to offer appointments for patients in nearby areas where demand is not as high.


Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn hits back at criticism over lip injections



MTV reality regular Kailyn Lowry has spoken about her botched lip injections after receiving criticism from people online after she had the treatment done. The mother-of-two is best known for her appearances on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and the follow-up show Teen Mom 2, which follows the lives of the girls features in the original series.

Kailyn explained on Twitter that she had the treatment done while she was in Los Angeles before the update show was filmed at the end of April, but after her appearance she was subject to abuse online as she seemed to have gone too far and plumped her lips up too much. Followers on Twitter were quick to joke about her appearance on the show, comparing her lips to Kris Jenner after she had a reaction to the filler.

The 24-year-old responded in a jokey manner and did not seem to be taking the tweets seriously; she posted that she ‘had a reaction’ after she had the lip filler treatment done, she even added that the results looked even worse without lipstick covering them up. She posted several crying/laughing emoji’s after joking that she looks ‘like Marge Simpson’ following the botched treatment.


Is Britney Spears overdoing it with Botox?


Fans were quick to point out that Britney Spears looked suspiciously flawless after her appearance on the red carpet for the Billboard Awards recently and insiders are suggesting that her youthful appearance is anything but natural. A source has supposedly revealed to Now magazine that the singer is ‘addicted’ to Botox and regularly gets the injections to stop any wrinkles from forming.

The insider said that the mother-of-two has gone ‘way overboard’ with Botox and filler injections and informed the magazine that Britney was getting the treatment done ‘every few weeks’ instead of several months apart, as most practitioners would recommend.

The 34-year-old is said to be ‘obsessive’ about her appearance and is determined to look as good as she did when she was a teenager first bursting onto the music scene. The source mentioned that her face is ‘so frozen’ that she has trouble forming expressions and can hardly raise her eyebrows due to the amount of Botox that has been injected.

Britney has admitted in the past that she has had lip fillers but has so far made no mention of whether she has been getting Botox injections to fight lines and wrinkles on her face.


Lauren Goodger has lip fillers removed


Former reality star Lauren Goodger has decided to remove lip fillers after having the treatment done for many years, and she has gone back to the natural look, for the moment at least. The 29-year-old described the experience as ‘liberating’ and she revealed her new look to MailOnline in a series of pictures.

The former The Only Way Is Essex regular had regular lip injections for five years but decided it was time to have the filler solution removed so that she could embrace the natural look. She told the paper that she had been undergoing ‘constant top-ups’ for the past five years but chose to have the fillers removed so that she could go with the natural look, as she has embraced a positive body image and improved her health with a new fitness regime.

Lauren’s surgeon, Dr Esho, said that Lauren had overdone the filler injections and this meant that there was a build-up of the solution in her lips that had to be removed. He added that she would have to fight the temptation to go back and have more filler treatment but she should try to maintain the natural look because she has youthful lips that are a great shape as they are.


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