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Katie Price has Botox to stop underarm sweating


TV presenter Katie Price is always willing to talk about her love of Botox injections but it might surprise viewers to learn that the mother-of-five uses the anti-wrinkle treatment under her arms as well as on her face. Katie, 37, uses the injections to stop herself from sweating from the armpits.

A source close to the star told The Sun newspaper that she pays up to £500 for the treatment, where Botox is injected under the arms to freeze the sweat glands. The insiders said that the procedure is ‘quite weird’ but that Katie really like having it done as she has always been a fan of trying the latest beauty treatments. This procedure can also be provided on the NHS if the patient is suffering with extreme sweating, a condition known as Hyperhidrosis.

After she secured a lucrative presenting job on ITV’s Loose Women, the former glamour model decided that she didn’t want viewers to see her with sweat marks on television and she has even arranged for her new show Katie Price’s Pony Club, to show her having the treatment done. The source claims that ‘the injections will ensure she looks her best at all times.’



Latest diet fads could be damaging to our teeth


Whilst eating healthy food might be good for your body in general, dentists are warning that some food fads could actually be damaging to our teeth, even if they are good for our health. According to Dr Sameer Patel, there are several foods that should be avoided if we want to maintain good dental health.

Dr Patel, who works for Elleven Dental London, spoke to The Express about the risks people take when they switch to so-called healthy diets. Products that could stain or damage your teeth and those that have a high acidic content – such as grapefruit – should be avoided, according to Dr Patel, because they could cause enamel erosion and eventually tooth decay. This condition can also cause increased sensitivity in the teeth and this can be difficult to treat permanently.

Smoothies are also on the list of things to avoid, even though they are seen as being good for you. The problem with smoothies is their high fruit content, which again can cause problems with enamel erosion and decay. Dr Patel recommends drinking through a straw and waiting at least half an hour before brushing, to allow the enamel to harden again.



Scarborough woman resorts to DIY dentistry after dental treatment failed



A mum from Scarborough has lost two teeth after resorting to DIY dental work, following a trip to the dentist where treatment to deal with her toothache was unsuccessful. Leanne Vickers-Dransfield, 32, ended up unconscious on her bathroom floor after she burst an abscess that was causing her agonising pain.

Leanne went to the dentist in February to have two fillings replaced but felt that the treatment had not gone perfectly and she developed pain in her jaw, as well as swelling in her face. Her dentist referred her for an x-ray and then she was given anti-inflammatories to try and ease the swelling. However, the problems continued and she was sent to A&E after being told that she may have a dental abscess. She was sent home with stronger painkillers that still did not get rid of the pain and Leanne passed out on the bathroom floor at her home after deciding to take matters into her own hands.

The young mother has since lost two teeth as a result of the ordeal and she calls it ‘unacceptable’ that so many people are suffering similar problems because of flaws in the system. A spokesperson for NHS England called the situation ‘regrettable’ and said that they would be ‘working with the services involved to determine what happened in this case.’


Irish dentists discuss sugar tax at conference


A sugar tax has been announced in the UK by British Chancellor George Osbourne and should take effect over the next two years; now the possibility of a similar tax has been raised in Ireland, in an attempt to curb rising rates of obesity and dental decay among children. The Irish Dental Association was expected to discuss the issue at their annual conference in Galway last week. However, rather than taxing people over sugary soft-drinks and treats, the IDA stated that it would be better to focus on helping people to reduce the amount of sugar they consume, rather than concentrating on how much they are paying for it. Dietician, Orla Walsh, has commented on the situation to news outlets in Ireland, saying that sugar consumption is not just about money, it ‘isn’t good for health, both in the short and long term.’ She spoke about how energy levels are disrupted and it puts us at risk of many diseases and health problems, as well as affecting dental health. She added ‘Children are suffering tooth decay at the moment, and that’s preventable by simply children only drinking milk and water’ and reducing their intake of soft-drinks, fruit juices, and sports drinks.

67% of people would be put off dating someone if they had bad teeth


Although most people do not add ‘must have good teeth’ to their preferences for online dates, a new study has revealed that the vast majority of daters would be put off if they met someone for the first time and they had a ‘bad’ set of teeth.

According to a website survey, a massive 67% of people on the dating scene would decline a second date with someone who had bad teeth – with 76% of women agreeing that stained or crooked teeth were a deal breaker for them on a first date. However, their male counterparts were less picky; only 57% of men asked were in agreement.

YourSmileDirect.com conducted the survey and revealed that some people have strange ideas about the state of our teeth – with 4% of respondents admitting they assume someone is intelligent if they have straight teeth, and 12% linking good teeth with popularity.

When it comes to the celebrity smiles, The Duchess of Cambridge topped the poll with 35% of the votes and actress Julia Roberts came in second, closely followed by Jessica Alba – who, incidentally, came top of the charts for the male voters.


Research claims that brushing your teeth could help to ward off pancreatic cancer


Pancreatic cancer has been linked to the two types of bacteria that cause gum disease, so looking after your teeth properly could actually help to ward off the deadly disease, according to recent research. A team of US researchers have discovered that people with the gum condition are twice as likely to develop pancreatic cancer within the next ten years.

The results of the study were revealed at the American Association for Cancer Research in New Orleans and the team hope that this means there is an ‘accessible’ way to prevent the disease from developing. Furthermore, it could also help doctors in their efforts to screen for the condition.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of the disease, with on 3% of patients surviving for five years. Because the symptoms of this type of cancer are very hard to spot during the early stage, doctors could diagnose the risk by screening for the bacteria that link the two conditions.

Dr Nigel Carter, CEO of the UK Oral Health Foundation, said that this could be ‘an enormously important shift in diagnosis which could ultimately save thousands of lives a year.’ He added that poor oral health has been linked to many medical conditions and people ‘must remember’ that dental health is not too difficult to maintain.



Michelle Heaton reveals her filler treatment to Mail on Sunday


Former Liberty X member Michelle Heaton has spoken to the Mail on Sunday about why she decided to get dermal filler treatment worth £2000 after she underwent the menopause early, something which was brought on by her surgical treatments to combat health issues. The 36-year old had a double mastectomy in 2013 and a hysterectomy last year to try and lower the risk of developing cancer.

After the hysterectomy triggered early menopause, Michelle lost a lot of weight and her skin aged; she told the publication she wanted to do something which would boost her self-esteem and dermal fillers were a simple way to rejuvenate her skin. She explained that, although she has had Botox injections in the past, she did feel nervous about getting filler treatment.

Before the procedure, Michelle did a lot of research about what type of filler might be used and how much should be injected, as well as what the possible side-effects could be. The mother-of-two also researched her surgeon, so she could be sure he was properly qualified and had good experience with filler injections. Despite her nerves, Michelle was happy with the results, saying that no one noticed a change, other than to mention how well she was looking. Her husband, Hugh, also admitted that there was some improvement.



Katie Price photographed after further filler treatment?


Loose Women’s latest addition to the panel, Katie Price, has made no secret of her cosmetic treatments in the past and the 37-year-old was pictured this week arriving for filming at ITV with evidence that she has had yet more filler injections into her lips.

The former glamour model arrived without make-up to record the talk show and there was clearly some puncture marks around the outside of her mouth, revealing that she may have had further filler injections to plump up her pout – which comes after she claimed to have ‘never been so happy’ with the way her lips look only last week.

However, Katie denied that she has had any more  treatment, saying that she burned her lips while using the sunbed and the make-up team managed to cover it up before filming for the show began.

Katie’s fellow presenter Janet Street Porter has made her opinions known about the mother-of-five’s regular cosmetic treatment, audibly groaning when she revealed she was going to continue with dermal filler injections. Not to be deterred, Katie went on to say that she was having some more filler put into her lips the following day.


Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin shows off new look after cosmetic surgery


Veteran Loose Women presenter Carol McGiffin has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer for several years and now she has revealed a new look after she had a mastectomy and was declared cancer free. In an interview with Bella magazine, the 56-year-old said that she was not going to go under-the-knife to look younger again, but revealed that she did get Botox and filler injections after her illness.

The ITV panellist said that she had the anti-wrinkle treatment because she didn’t like looking ‘like an old tramp’. Carol explained that she preferred something less invasive than facial surgery, even though she would really like to have a facelift at some point; she said in the past she was ‘adamant’ she would not have cosmetic treatment but then decided to give it a go. After admitting that Botox injections can be ‘addictive’, Carol swears she won’t get carried away with it.

As well as getting Botox and fillers, she’s hoping to find her way out of her ‘hair rut’ that developed after she lost her hair to chemotherapy and radiotherapy; she was pictured in several wigs for the interview and added that she would love to get a new look after successfully fighting cancer.



Children’s tooth decay costs NHS £35 million a year


The cost of removing rotten teeth from the mouths of children has soared by over 60% from 2010/2011, reaching a shocking £35 million a year, based on reports from councils. The Local Government Association (LGA) also revealed that the children’s education could be affected by the amount of time taken off to get dental treatment.

According to the LGA’s figures, more than a hundred operations a day are carried out to remove multiple decayed teeth from children and teenagers in hospitals across England. It has been suggested that increased consumption of fizzy drinks and sugary foods is to blame for the rise in tooth extractions due to cavities.

The numbers also reveal that a shocking £35.3 million was spent on the operations to remove the teeth over 2014/2015, a huge increase from £21.9 million in 2010/2011. Spokeswoman for the LGA, Izzi Seccombe, said that almost half of 11-15-year-olds have a fizzy drink at least once a day, which is not only causing tooth decay, it is also contributing to childhood obesity. She added that these figures were ‘doubly alarming’ because the extractions were taking place in hospital and not at a dental clinic. Izzi advised that improved oral health can ‘help children learn at school, and improve their ability to thrive and develop.’


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