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Model sees eczema clear up after Botox injections


Model and dancer Danielle Sheehan suffered with bouts of eczema since she was a baby and when the condition flared up again a few years ago she was shocked to find that Botox helped to relieve the symptoms. Danielle had Botox injections for cosmetic reasons but fortunately it had the side-effect of treating her eczema successfully, after many other medical products failed to do so.

24-year-old Danielle found her self-esteem crumbling after the condition flared up four years ago and she tried all the medication the doctor could prescribe, without success. The painful patches of dry skin on her face were making her life miserable. Just a year ago, the model visited a cosmetic surgeon to get Botox injections and shortly after undergoing the treatment she was pleased to see that the patches of eczema had cleared up completely.

Miss Sheehan, of Lowestoft in Suffolk, told MailOnline that she stopped booking photo shoots and would not see her boyfriend during flare-ups because she felt so self-conscious but says she felt ‘amazing’ when she realised the difference the Botox had made to her skin. She added ‘All of a sudden I felt good again. For the first time in years I liked how I looked, I liked what I saw in the mirror.’

Constant bleaching can be damaging to the teeth


A Los Angeles-based dentist has said that so-called ‘bleachorexics’ could be doing irreversible damage to their teeth by exposing the soft enamel to dangerous chemicals repeatedly over a short period of time. Cosmetic dentist Laurence Rifkin tells Yahoo that over-bleaching is becoming increasingly common and it can strip tooth enamel as well as causing gums to recede over time.

Mr Rifkin said to Yahoo News ‘once the enamel has been chemically eroded away then it’s gone, it’s gone forever.’ The bleaching agent that most whitening products use can make the teeth brittle and chalky, it may also lead to sensitivity.

According to a recent survey carried out by the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry ninety-six per cent of adults believe that a good smile can make a person more attractive, whilst seventy-four per cent think that a bad smile might prevent career progression. Every person asked about their teeth said that if they could improve one thing about their smile it would be to whiten the enamel.

The problem generally develops when patients ignore product guidelines and bleach their teeth more frequently than recommended, with warning signs ranging from sensitivity in the teeth to translucent areas appearing on the enamel.

Kylie Jenner feeds rumours of lip injections with more photographs


Last week she was complaining that people would not stop talking about her apparent cosmetic surgery but that hasn’t stopped Kylie Jenner from feeding the rumour mill by adding even more pictures of herself looking like her lips have been plumped up. It’s obvious that the teenager is wearing a lot of make-up in the photographs, posted on Instagram, but her lips still look much bigger than they do naturally.

The 17-year-old had large dark lips painted over her own natural lips and had a black lace veil hanging over her eyes; she added the caption ‘gloooomy’ underneath the picture.

Although the youngest member of the Kardashian clan has said that she has not had any lip injections, fans don’t necessarily take her word for it. Kylie has maintained that she has only used make-up to improve her pout and denies turning to any type of cosmetic treatment. Some of her followers on social networking sites are still convinced the youngster has had fillers, with one poster saying ‘enough injections please. it’s getting out of control.’

Kylie was also pictured in California recently, as she was pulled over by police; the teenager was wearing minimal make-up and it was clear that her lips look much smaller without the layers of lip liner and lipstick.

Kerry Katona takes her new husband for matching dental veneers


Newlyweds Kerry Katona and George Kay have just recently cemented their relationship with matching tattoos and now the pair have decided to get his and hers dental veneers. Kerry and her new husband headed to a London dental clinic to have the treatment done this week and they took it in turns to sit in the dentist’s chair while their veneers were fitted.

Kerry, 34, and George got married in September after two years together and the birth of daughter Dylan-Jorge, now seven months old.

The newlyweds seemed pleased with the results of their dental work and they could be seen examining their new teeth closely in a mirror. As they left the Harley Street Smile Clinic, they couldn’t hide their big smiles and showed off their bright white teeth for the waiting photographers.

After going through some relationship trouble recently, the pair seems to be back on track with their marriage; Kerry told OK! Magazine that she has ‘fallen in love with George all over again’ following a Caribbean honeymoon last month.

Tulisa Contostavlos denies surgery but admits dermal fillers


Former X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has denied ever going under the knife to improve her looks but she has admitted that she had dermal filler injections to give her self-esteem a boost as she went through a difficult trial this year.

The 26-year-old singer has sparked many rumours in the last few months as she arrived for court looking swollen and misshapen. Media speculation was rife about her changing appearance but Tulisa has withheld any comment until now; she has told Grazia magazine that the reason for her altered features was a series of facial filler injections. In the interview, Tulisa said that she looked ‘really gaunt’ during the court case because of the stress and she added ‘I wanted to perk myself up a bit and I’d always wanted my lips done.’

The treatment didn’t quite go to plan though, and Tulisa suffered water retention, which led to swelling of the tissue in her cheeks. She told the magazine ‘The worst thing is that it would happen in the morning, so I would wake up like a blow fish when I was going to court. I’ve been having collagen waves to take them down. I haven’t had surgery though. If I had, I would just say.’

Poor people have fewer teeth by the age of 65


According to findings published by the Journal of Dental Research, poor people in the UK have eight fewer teeth than rich people by the age of 65; it has been suggested that low wages and poor standards of living are to blame for the divide in dental health.

The study was carried out by Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust, UCL and the National Centre for Social Research. It also revealed that people who live in poor areas of the country and have lower levels of education will suffer with more with tooth decay, gum disease, and general tooth loss.

Lead author Professor Jimmy Steele, head of the dental school at Newcastle University, said that this was not a ‘big surprise’, but the effects will have a ‘big impact’ on the lives of poorer people in the UK. Senior lecturer at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at UCL, Dr Georgios Tsakos, said that educating people living in deprived areas would help to reduce the problem. Dr Tsakos said; ‘It is not only being poor that affects their perceptions about their oral health and quality of life, but educational attainment can also make a major difference. This has profound implications for policy as intervening in earlier life could have a significant long term effect on oral health.’

Kylie Jenner hits out at lip filler rumours again


The younger sibling of the Kardashian sisters has been getting some attention online after she posted a series of photographs that seemed to show her with suspiciously fuller lips than she had a few years ago, and now Kylie Jenner is choosing to bring it up again even though she says she is sick of hearing about it.

The 17-year-old spoke to E! last week at the launch of Kylie Hair Koutoure at the James Kendall Salon in Beverly Hills, she said ‘I feel like everyone has been talking about it for months, so I’m kind of sick of it.’ Seemingly oblivious to the fact that she herself was feeding the rumour mill by posting the pictures on her social networking sites, the reality TV regular denied ever having filler injections to plump up her pout, saying that the changes were due to clever make-up.  She said ‘My pictures, I palp them out a lot. I think big lips are awesome.’

She later added ‘I love lip-liner and over-lining my lips’ and seemed to have tired of the rumours about cosmetic surgery, saying ‘I don’t even care anymore. I’m like whatever, just say whatever you want.’

Rylan Clark calls out critics of his dental veneers


Former X-Factor contestant Rylan Clark has spoken to Mirror TV about his new found fame as presenter of Big Brother spin-off Bit On The Side and he seems to be enjoying the confidence it has brought him. The 26-year-old admits that he is not afraid to speak his mind when people criticise him and says that he took a lot of stick from the public after his stint on the X-Factor talent show – particularly for the dazzling veneers that he had put in last year.

Rylan told the publication ‘If anyone abuses me, I’ll have it out. I’m done with all that now. I paid that price when I came off X-Factor, I took, took, took.’ After winning Celebrity Big Brother, Rylan was offered the chance to co-host a spin-off of the reality show and he has chosen to ignore negativity that might reach him via social networking sites like Twitter.

He might get some abuse from Twitter followers about his veneers but Rylan has no regrets, saying ‘I’m glad I did my teeth. I had my teeth done the day I started presenting Big Brother and back then I couldn’t present a show for nothing, but everyone was talking about the teeth so no-one thought I was a crap presenter!’ He also joked that people comment that ‘his new teeth look so much better’ when he hasn’t changed them since they were first placed.

Could Botox provide a breast lift?


Although most people would associate Botox with anti-wrinkle treatment it is actually highly versatile and it can help with many different conditions, such as excess underarm sweating and migraines; now the toxin may be able to give women larger breasts without the need to go under the knife. According to the Daily Mail, a London doctor is claiming that injecting Botox into the pectoral muscles can create fuller breasts, helping patients avoid invasive surgery if they want to improve their bust.

Dr Neetu Nirdosh told the publication that the treatment is ‘a knifeless instantaneous breast lift’ that works best with patients who are between a size A cup and a C cup. He added that is it ‘safer and quicker than regular surgery.’ Dubbed ‘breastox’, the treatment takes less than half an hour and should last up to six months. Dr Nirdosh said that it should make breasts look perkier because the Botox will relax the pectoral muscles; leaving the shoulders to lift the breasts up and make them appear fuller.

Austin-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden was sceptical, describing the treatment as ‘more of a marketing tactic’ because Botox is not the same as a surgical breast lift. She said ‘People who are candidates for a surgical breast lift have excess saggy skin and drooping. Botox can’t address any of those things.’ She also advises that it may be dangerous to inject Botox into the chest, saying that this could lead to breathing issues, problems with arm rotation, and even punctured lungs if the injections are not properly administered.

Miley Cyrus teams up with joke company to launch brand of fake teeth


Singer and Instagram favourite Miley Cyrus is apparently broadening her business horizons as she has teamed up with a company that creates plastic joke props to launch her own brand of fake teeth. The 21-year-old modelled the bizarre new denture, created in collaboration with Billy-Bob Products; the new joke teeth have been dubbed Miley-Bob teeth.

According to the company’s website, Miley herself selected the designs from her favourite samples and each set of plastic teeth is ‘officially licensed’ and comes ‘with a special Miley-Bob insert card to prove its authenticity.’ Miley has modelled the dentures herself on her Instagram account on several occasions in an effort to advertise the new line.

The former Disney star has just finished touring in support of her fourth album Bangerz and she showed off her real teeth as she attended the amFAR Inspiration Gala in Hollywood last week; her racy outfit was far more likely to draw attention than any kind of dental work. Miley wore a sheer dress with straps to cover her modesty and she generously donated $200,000 to the event, also bidding $300,000 for a photograph by Ryan McGinley.