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Lancashire man undergoes dental treatment to cure back pain


A man who suffered crippling back pain since childhood is hoping that straightening out his teeth could help get rid of his condition. Martin Hedley, of Upholland, Lancashire, had to deal with bouts of back pain that made it impossible for him to get out of bed but after having his chewing motion assessed by an expert he was told that dental treatment could be the answer.

Mr Hedley researched the problem online and found that uneven teeth and a jarring chewing motion can cause tension in the skull that may lead to neck and back pain. He realised that shooting pains were more noticeable during mealtimes and he revealed to MailOnline that ‘Hard foods would be more painful than soft foods. It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of concrete or a grape; it’s the actual motion of bringing your teeth together. If you’ve got distortion when they come together, it will affect the rest of your body.’

The process involves orthodontics and adding overlays to the teeth to make them more even; the pioneer of the treatment, Dr Gerald Smith, based in Philadelphia, began working on Mr Hedley’s teeth two weeks ago in the US. Mr Hedley is hopeful that the treatment will give him his life back after feeling like he has been unable to function properly for six years. So far, he is happy with the results, saying ‘It’s not instantaneous but I can feel my bite is a lot better.’ 


Rebel Wilson does joke infomercial for dentures on Ellen show


Australian actress Rebel Wilson is doing the rounds to promote her new film Pitch Perfect 2 and she sat down with Ellen Degeneres on her talk show to discuss the sequel to the hit movie musical. The larger-than-life comedian is known for her sense of humour and when the host asked her to join in with a joke infomercial called ‘Pitch Please’, in which she attempted to sell a product without seeing it, she was only too happy to give it a go.

Rebel joined in the fun right away and had the audience in stiches as she performed a jingle to sell the product, a set of dentures, which Ellen had to help her identify using clues. When Ellen asked her which celebrities use the dentures she quipped that she knows ‘for a fact’ that Channing Tatum owns the product, as the audience burst out laughing. Rebel did not manage to identify the dentures and she even guessed that tampons might be used with the product, when jokingly asked by Ellen ‘What do you think could get stuck in them?’

When the dentures were revealed, the actress looked embarrassed about her previous answer and covered her face as she began to laugh out loud. Despite her faux pas, Rebel has had a relatively successful week as she recently graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine alongside co-stars Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow.

Has Brandi Glanville overdone cosmetic surgery?


Reality star Brandi Glanville was seen out and about in New York this week and her surprisingly smooth complexion has raised more than a few eyebrows. The Real Housewives regular was spotted leaving the Big Morning Buzz Life studios on Tuesday and waiting photographers were shocked by the apparent change in Brandi’s appearance.

Back in February, Radar reported that Brandi had admitted to getting cosmetic surgery and said that she ‘had some Botox and bad fillers’. She also added that she has ‘overdone it at times’ but cited her age as the reason for her cosmetic treatments.  In another interview, Brandi added that she had spent $30,000 on surgery since her nose was broken in 2009.

The mother-of-two told Life&Style magazine that she has been getting facial injections since she was 25-years-old. Brandi said ‘I had Botox back in 2002. I… only do Botox twice a year now. I have that hollow area (in cheeks) injected with fillers. And I have acne scars filled sometimes.

Fans of the show may be surprised to hear of the amount money the reality star has been spending on her facial treatments, given that she has recently been complaining that she is struggling to pay her rent.

David Arquette shows off new dental bling


Actor David Arquette is known for his quirky style and he has now set his sights on a blinging smile; the 43-year-old was pictured in West Hollywood this week with brand new front teeth made from gold.

The gold crowns are only temporary after the father-of-two suffered repeated dental injuries to his natural teeth and had to undergo treatment. David explained that he was ‘breaking’ and ‘cracking’ his real teeth and said ‘I go through them [teeth] like crazy.’ After seeking dental treatment, the actor explained that he asked the dentist how to solve this problem; he was told ‘Well, we can put gold on for a little while’ and he decided to go for it.

Explaining his decision, David said that he thought ‘Boom! Are you kidding?’ before going ahead with the treatment. Not only are his new golden teeth fairly noticeable, David’s denture is also customised with his own initials. He joked ‘You gotta personalise it, hip-hop style.’

Unregistered dental practitioner is fined for illegal treatment


A man from Sheffield has been fined more than £3,000 for providing illegal dental treatment to patients in the area, primarily teeth whitening – which cannot be carried out without a dental license. Nathan Holliday pleaded guilty to the charges, which centred on the illegal tooth bleaching in December last year, at the hearing at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court this week.

Not only is it illegal for uncertified people to carry out teeth whitening, Holliday also caused an injury to the patient while attempting the treatment. The accused also pleaded guilty to unlawfully holding himself out as being prepared to practise dentistry at the Neat Teeth clinic on Ecclesall Rd on March 31st this year.

Holliday was fined £3,350 and ordered to pay legal costs to the General Dental Council amounting to £2,743.18, with a £120 victim surcharge on top of that.

Although teeth whitening is not a hugely invasive treatment it has to be carried out by a dental professional with the right certification and training, as there can be some injuries to the teeth and gums if it is not performed properly.

Amanda Holden jokes around on ITV’s This Morning


She was recently pictured at a charity event wearing joke teeth and now TV judge Amanda Holden has offered further proof that she has a sense of humour when it comes to her smile; the actress was on the set of ITV’s This Morning and she decided to play a joke on presenter Philip Schofield by smearing some chocolate and orange tart onto her teeth.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge smiled widely to reveal her brown teeth during the cooking segment of the show. The presenter and TV chef Lorraine Pascale were in stitches as Amanda showed off her new look and asked the hosts ‘is that a good look for you?’ Philip Schofield chuckled and Lorraine labelled it ‘gorgeous’.

Philip admitted that he found it so funny that he wanted to join in, saying ‘I want to do that now’, and followed Amanda’s example of poor dental hygiene. Chef Pascale was not on board with the joke however, exclaiming ‘I’m not doing it!’ as her co-presenter joined in. Amanda seemed to be enjoying herself as part of the segment; she and Philip Schofield joked around with the freshly baked tart.

Tiger undergoes dental treatment in Canterbury


A specialist from London had to be called to treat a tiger at Howletts Wild Animal Park after the feline managed to break three of its teeth. Amir, a male Sumatran tiger weighing 130kg, broke his upper right canine and had to get a filling to repair the damage.

Dental Surgeon and founder of Zoodent, Peter Kertesz, was called on to help Amir following his dental accident. The tiger had to be sedated for the procedure and he was then transported to the onsite hospital for the treatment.

Jane Hopper, Head of Veterinary Services at Howletts said that this was ‘a difficult procedure’ because tiger’s teeth are much larger than human teeth, with the roots sometimes as six times a big. She told the Canterbury Times that the treatment was ‘a complete success’ and the team thanked Peter for coming down to the zoo to help with the tigers dental care. Jane added that ‘Amir has recovered well, but we’ll keep an eye on him over the next few weeks.’

Amir is one of two Sumatran tigers at the park, alongside two Siberian tigers and two Bengal tigers.

‘Tooth fairy’ visits children at the dentist


YouTube channel Fousey Tube has surprised some children visiting the dentist in New Jersey with a visit from the tooth fairy. The video prank filmed youngsters sitting in the dentists chair who are surprised by the entrance of the ‘tooth fairy’ – a lady wearing a green dress and fairy wings, holding a wand.

The video – which currently has more than 1.5 million views – shows the children guessing who the visitor was, with one young girl asking if she is Tinkerbell. The lady replied ‘I’m the tooth fairy’, before the children gasp with excitement and surprise. The fairy tells the children that she is going to perform a magic trick to clean their teeth and make them ‘pearly white’, then she asks the patient to keep her visit a secret from the dentist.  The kids then close their eyes and open their mouths while the fairy casts her magic spell, saying ‘Clean the teeth for me and make them pearly white’ and waving her magic wand.

When the dentist returns to the room he plays along with the trick, asking the patients ‘How did your teeth get so white?’ Not all the patients could keep a secret though, and two out of the three kids told their parents about the tooth fairy the second the dentist left the room, with one girl telling her mother ‘The tooth fairy came inside and then she brushed my teeth with her wand.’

Dentists warn that patients are at risk due to the rising cost of dental treatment


Almost a million people in the UK have avoided attending dental appointments since 2010 because they are unable to afford the rising cost of care – some patients are at risk of overdosing on painkillers as they try to self-medicate in an attempt to avoid the high prices of NHS dentistry.

NHS England revealed that 951,000 people in the UK chose not to visit the dentist when they needed to in the last four years, as the cost of a basic NHS check-up rose 12% during that time period – rising from £16.50 to £18.50.

Nurse Michelle Good man at the NHS 111 helpline told the Mirror that there has been a ‘huge increase’ in patients trying to access treatment but being unable to do so due to the cost. She added that this has caused some to ‘unintentionally overdose with over-the-counter analgesics.’

This rise in dental patients avoiding the dentist has also put pressure onto hospitals that are already over-stretched as many people have decided to go to A&E so that they don’t have to pay for treatment for things like toothache. This problem has been called a ‘false economy’ by shadow health secretary Andy Burnham.

Takeaway food can stain and damage teeth


According to a top Harley Street dentist there are many ingredients in takeaway dishes that can damage our teeth as well as putting our general health at risk if consumed in large amounts. Not only will things like Indian and Chinese takeaways affect our weight and general health if eaten too regularly, they can also lead to dental staining and tooth decay.

Dr Sameer Patel, of Harley Street’s Elleven practice, said that the dark colorants in curry and dishes containing soy sauce can stain the surface of the tooth and opting for lighter coloured food is advisable. Dr Patel says that ‘anything that would stain a white t-shirt’ is going to cause discolouration of the tooth enamel.

Italian food, such as takeaway pizza’s and pasta, can cause acid erosion due to the refined carbs that contain simple sugars; these things cause a surge of acid in the mouth which can damage the enamel irreparably over time. British staple dish fish & chips has also come under fire because of the amount of starch in the potatoes and the battered fish. Dr Sameer said that ‘sugar can come in many different forms and the batter on the fish and associated sauces, such as ketchup, are culprits for having a high sugar content.’