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Study suggests that chewing gum could clean teeth better than dental floss


A new study published in the PLOS ONE journal has found that chewing gum could trap and remove bacteria from around ten percent of the mouth, making it as effective as flossing – thought to trap up to 100 million bacteria. The study involved volunteers chewing gum for varying amounts of time, no more than then minutes, as the experiment revealed that the optimal chew time for trapping bacteria was less than one minute.

The paper said that ‘despite an increasing diversity in species developing over time in chewed gums’ chewing gum for longer than a minute led to a gradual decrease in the number of bacteria that were being trapped, so chewing for long periods of time is not going to clean the teeth any more. It was suggested that this is because the bacteria are first trapped and then released back into the mouth as the gum is chewed for longer.

Researchers found that gum might clean the teeth but does not remove bacteria from other places in the mouth, such as the tongue, so modern oral hygiene has not reached beyond the humble toothbrush just yet. However, if you’re not able to floss for some reason, it’s good to know that chewing gum can be substituted in a pinch.

Comedian O’Carroll suffers implant failure


Irish TV star Brendan O’Carroll has spoken to the Mirror about how his dental implants failed and the pain he suffered during the filming of the Christmas special of his hit show Mrs Brown’s Boys. Brendan, 59, lost several of his teeth due to decay and decided that he would rather have dental implants than a denture to replace them; in November, just before filming was due to start in Glasgow, the comedian had four implants fitted.

When recording of the Christmas special began, Brendan felt the bridge that was fitted over the implants come loose and he struggled to arrange treatment because he currently resides in Florida, where his dentist is located. He explained that ‘halfway through filming it, I thought I was going to pass out in pain. Every step I took was absolute agony and moving quickly jolted my jaw.’

After returning to Florida with wife Jennifer, who plays his on-screen daughter Cathy, Brendan went straight to the dentist but was told that all the implants had failed due to repair work done at the Glasgow dentist. The dentist told him ‘You probably don’t want to go back to having implants again’ but Brendan was adamant that they were ‘not stopping’ until the treatment can be carried out successfully. The comedian added ‘since I’ve had the implants taken out, I’ve got temporary dentures and I am having another set of implants fitted later this month.’

Top dentists help another patient with severe dental problems


Top Harley Street dentists Dr Anthony Zybutz and his brother Dr Michael Zybutz have helped another patient who had almost all of her teeth taken out, despite the fact that she was only visiting to have crowns fitted. Mother-of-two Nicki Stanley was sedated and when she woke up all of her top teeth had been removed due to their poor condition.

Nicki, 46, can now smile with confidence after being stuck wearing an uncomfortable denture and becoming nervous about leaving the house due to her dental condition. Ms Stanley said ‘When I lost all my teeth, it was like losing my personality. I couldn’t even bring myself to go out in public – with my new smile; I’m a completely different person.’

The sibling dentists removed all of Nicki’s remaining teeth and replaced them with a full set of dental implants, in an operation that took eight hours. Dr Anthony said ‘For someone so young to have all her teeth removed is quite rare – it’s really much more common for people in their 70’s or 80’s who would have had all their teeth removed preventatively… It’s absolutely brilliant to see the difference it has made to Nicki. Her new confidence is incredible and I’m so please to see how life-changing it has been for her.’

Tiger Woods gets his smile back after dental treatment


Tiger Woods set tongues wagging last week after he blamed an over-zealous cameraman for his dental trauma, but the star golfer has got his smile back now, thanks to a visit to the dentist. Woods was supporting his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at the skiing World Cup in Italy when, according to his agent, his front tooth was knocked out during a media scrum as he tried to congratulate his partner on her victory.

Although speculation has been rife about the condition of the tooth in question, Woods is sticking to his story and he spoke after playing a practice round at TPC Scottsdale. The 39-year-old explained that ‘a dude with a video camera on his shoulder stood up and turned and caught me square on the mouth.’ He later added that his journey home was no fun thanks to the dental accident, saying ‘I couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink, even breathing hurt.’

The golfer was also worried that his tooth damage stole the limelight from girlfriend Vonn, so he added that her World Cup victory should be the story, rather than his tooth getting knocked out. Woods added ‘I mean, every sport you get teeth knocked out, and unfortunately I wasn’t actually competing and got my teeth knocked out.’

Woman gets £30,000 dental treatment thanks to TV show


A woman left with terrible damage to her teeth and gums managed to get £30,000 dental treatment free of charge thanks to the TV show Botched Up Bodies, after she was unable to save up to pay for the repair work herself.

Lynda Dobbins, of Wallasey in Merseyside, is finally able to smile again after suffering dental problems since she was a child and becoming ‘horrified’ by the way her ‘disgusting’ teeth looked. Lynda, 42, appeared on Channel 5’s show about surgery-gone-wrong and now she has her confidence back. Having been quoted £30,000 for dental treatment, Lynda had to apply for the show if she ever hoped to get her dental health back on track – she said she was ‘looking at loans’ to try and finance the treatment, before she saw that the programme was looking for applicants.

Now, Lynda says she is ‘so grateful’ for the help of dentists Michael and Anthony Zybutz and now she is proud of her beautiful new teeth. She added ‘I am more chatty and animated, more confident and, of course, I smile more. I do still feel angry but I’m so happy with my smile I want to move forward now. I feel like I’ve become a person, a human being again. And it’s great.’

Brooke Shields shares scary selfie as she undergoes dental treatment


Brooke Shields has shown her sense of humour to fans and followers of her social networking sites; the actress shared a picture of herself at the dentist wearing a cheek retractor and she grinned, wide-eyed, for the camera. Although her teeth look perfect, Brooke is obviously seen sitting in the dentist’s chair, undergoing what is thought to be a dental exam, and she doesn’t seem to be scared about visiting the dental clinic in New York – or about sharing a picture of herself in a situation that may be slightly unexpected.

The actress can be seen glaring frighteningly at the camera whilst wearing the retraction device and a paper bib around her neck. Her teeth appear to be perfect so it’s hard to imagine that she’s going to need any form of treatment after her dental examination.

Fans were quickly wondering whether the mother-of-two is getting ready for a birthday party, perhaps to celebrate the big 5-0, which is coming up soon. Brooke said that she was ‘so excited’ about her upcoming milestone and she told NBC hosts on the Today show ‘I’m going to be hitting that big, beautiful birthday.’

Julie Walters has problem with tooth whitening


Actress Julie Walters was left with toothache after trying to whiten her teeth following years of drinking green tea every day; the 64-year-old British star said that bleaching her teeth was painful and she had to stop after a few days. Julie tried the dental treatment after drinking green tea every day for twenty years left her with badly stained teeth.

The actress said ‘I drink tea and quite honestly if you drink tea all your life, which I’ve drunk now for nearly 20 years, your teeth do begin to look a bit like wood.’ She added that her dentist gave her something to whiten her teeth with at home but she thought ‘I can’t do this anymore – it’s too painful.’

Julie also went on to say that she does not want to move to Hollywood because of the way women are always trying to look younger. She told The Times ‘I’m not putting down anybody who has [cosmetic surgery], I just quite like to think I can grow old and that’s fine. If people don’t like me because I have wrinkles then I don’t particularly want to be with them either.’

New BBC series shows that Tudors did not necessarily have bad teeth


Programme-makers behind the BBC’s four part adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s novel Wolf Hall have spoken about the lengths they have gone to ensure that the Tudor story is told with great historical accuracy. Critics have previously complained about unrealistic levels of hygiene and dentistry in period dramas, such as last years The White Queen, based on the Wars of the Roses.

Although most people might expect to see rotten, stained teeth in a Tudor story – given the lack of toothpaste in that era, author Hilary Mantel insisted that the actors should have white, healthy teeth, as the drama is set in a time when sugar was not widely available in England. Wolf Hall has been adapted for the screen by Peter Straughan and Ms Mantel told cast members, including Damien Lewis as Henry VIII, that they ‘do not have bad teeth’ and that they would not be dirty either.

Mantel said that ‘there are two ways in historical drama; either glamorise them impossibly or rough them up in some picturesque way so they all have bad teeth.’ She maintains that people ‘at this stage in history’ did not have rotten teeth because they ate so little sugar.

Wolf Hall premieres on BBC two this week and it chronicles Thomas Cromwell’s rise to power as well as Henry VIII’s attempts to annul his marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

Insider claims that Tiger Woods did not suffer dental accident


Yesterday the agent of Tiger Woods claimed that the golfer lost his front tooth after a cameraman accidentally hit him in the face with his camera during a media scrum, however an insider has come forward to go against the statement made yesterday as the sportsman attended a ski event in Italy to support his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.

Nicola Colli, secretary general of the organising committee for the Cortina D’Ampezzo event, claimed that the situation described in the statement did not in fact occur. Colli says that she was alongside the golfer during the so-called crush of photographers and cameramen and she said that ‘there was no such incident’ at the skiing world cup as Woods congratulated his girlfriend on her 63rd victory in the sport.

Woods agent Mark Steinberg said that the golfers ‘tooth was knocked out by the incident’ but Colli contradicts this story, saying ‘I was among those who escorted him from the tent to the snowmobile’ and she never saw the alleged incident occur.

Previous pictures of the golfer with his teeth visible have shown that the tooth in question was discoloured, leading to speculation that it had already been removed or fallen out before the event on Monday this week.

Tiger Woods loses front tooth


Golf legend Tiger Woods has suffered a dental accident that has led to his front tooth being completely knocked out, apparently at the hands – or elbows – of an overzealous photographer or cameraman. The golfer was attending the skiing World Cup in Italy on Monday to support girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and he tried to hide the dental damage as he cheered his lady to her 63rd World Cup victory.

Tiger was photographed wearing a bandana over the lower half of his face but he couldn’t keep the damage a secret for long as he made his way through the throng to congratulate Ms Vonn on her win. Although previous pictures of the golfer are thought to have shown that the tooth was discoloured, a statement released by the stars agent maintained that it was an accident during a media scrum that lead to the injury.

Mark Steinberg said ‘During a crush of photographers at the awards’ podium at the World Cup event in Italy, a media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera pushed and surged towards the stage, turned and hit Tiger Woods in the mouth. Wood’s tooth was knocked out by the incident.’

Wood’s partner did not seem put off by the missing tooth and exclaimed ‘No way!’ when she saw the golfer, as she was lead to believe that he would not be able to attend the event.