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Demand for cosmetic dentistry fuels spending at UK dentists


As more and more people seek the perfect smile, dentists are enjoying a boom in business in the UK; experts estimate that turnover could have increased by almost a quarter over the past four years. Cosmetic dentistry at the 100 largest firms in the country reached almost a billion pounds last year, with an average figure of £10million for each surgery.

Peter Alderson, managing director of finance company LDF, said that the British people have embraced cosmetic dental treatments, such as whitening and orthodontics, which is reflected in the incomes at the country’s top dental surgeons. Mr Alderson added ‘Increasing numbers of dental patients are… willing to pay significant amounts of money for cutting-edge services, especially if they are delivered in a more exclusive, private clinic-style environment.’ He went on to say that, thanks to investments in new equipment, such as the latest IT systems, surgeries are able to bring new patients in for various modern treatments. Although this is expensive for most practices, it seems to have paid off if the latest numbers are anything to go by.

Official figures suggest that 200 dentists in England earn over £300,000 a year by doing a mixture of private and NHS dental work. The figures on private dental work only are not currently available and are not thought to be published.

Dental patient wins pay-out after thirteen of her teeth fall out


A dental patient was left ‘looking like Nanny McPhee’ after thirteen of her teeth fell out, following botched dental treatment. Alexandra Walkden, 62, was left almost toothless after treatment for gum disease failed miserably; the grandmother was forced to pay thousands of pounds for implant surgery to replace the teeth.

Mrs Walkden, of Preston, Lancashire, has now won £35,000 in damages in an out-of-court settlement after she took her dentist to court following the disastrous dental work. Mrs Walkden told Mailonline that she resembled someone ‘who had been in a car crash’, describing black eyes and a swollen mouth that stopped her from eating comfortably. She added that this situation had all but ruined her life.

Speaking about her dentist, Dr John Musgrave, 57, she said that over the thirty years she was a patient with him, she trusted his judgement ‘implicitly’ and believed everything he told her. However, she claims she was never told she had gum disease and was never offered an appointment with an oral hygienist. The truth about her dental condition was only revealed when she visited a local dentist whilst on holiday in 2013; a different dentist confirmed the serious diagnosis when Mrs Walkden returned home and she learned that she would lose all over her top teeth because they were basically rotting from the inside out.

Although she won the compensation, Mrs Walkden says that is it not a ‘pay out’ because she feels that ‘no amount of money’ can compensate for the struggle she has gone through for the past few years. Dr Musgrave did not admit liability and has made no comment on the case.

Giraffe in Scotland gets visit from the dentist


A 14-year-old giraffe at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling in Scotland has been put under general anaesthetic so that dentists can check her teeth and try to tackle her problems with chewing food. Kelly the giraffe had a team of 12 vets and park staff to assist with the 30-minute procedure, during which an x-ray was taken and her teeth were inspected.

Veterinary surgeon Ian Rodger found food caught in the gaps between her teeth but was expecting to be confronted with something much more significant than a simple cleaning job after staff reported that the giraffe was struggling to chew her food properly and they found undigested food in her dung – which suggests that the food was not being broken down effectively by her teeth.

Mr Rodger said ‘We don’t undertake anaesthesia in a giraffe lightly but this is a problem that’s been working away for a wee while now and we felt we had no choice but to explore the mouth, and hopefully based on that and based on the x-ray, we can make some decisions as to how to put a treatment programme in place.’ Kelly came round from her anaesthesia gradually and was re-integrated with the other giraffes that she shares a compound with.

Miley Cyrus posts picture of herself during and after wisdom tooth surgery


She’s known for sharing every detail of her life on various internet forums and for popstar Miley Cyrus her dental treatment is no different. The 22-year-old singer added a picture of herself undergoing what looked like a gruelling treatment to remove her four impacted wisdom teeth; she posted several photos on Instagram of herself recovering after the dental surgery.

One picture showed the former Disney star sitting in the dentist’s chair during the treatment, wearing a red hoodie and looking dazed. She added the caption ‘Ouch’ and later posted another photo with gauze visible from her mouth, with the exclamation ‘SAVE ME’ as she underwent the tough extraction. A fairly graphic picture of her extracted teeth followed, showing three whole wisdom teeth and one broken into two pieces in order to make the surgery easier.

As well as pictures of herself, the Wrecking Ball singer added a photo of her x-ray with some barely understandable words underneath, apparently thanking the nurses at the surgery and her dentist because they ‘took gooooood currrrr of me and muah pearly whites.’

Katie Price shows off make-up free complexion after Botox injections


Even though she claimed to have sworn off Botox and other facial injectables, former glamour model Katie Price seems to have decided that a little bit of cosmetic treatment won’t hurt; the 36-year-old tweeted a picture of herself straight after having Botox injections, wearing no make-up and looking fresh-faced.

The mother-of-five was pictured on website YouGossip, wearing no make-up, following a new round of Botox injections; she added the caption ‘Makeup off and just had Botox… a pop star went in the clinic after’.

It was only eighteen months ago that Katie admitted she quite liked the new wrinkles she had developed after deciding that Botox was not for her anymore; she said in one interview that she hadn’t had Botox injections for some time and she had actually started to see wrinkles and smile lines on her face, as well as movement around her eyebrows. However, it seems that she has now changed her mind about new lines and wrinkles and decided that Botox is something that she just can’t do without.

Katie also revealed in an interview with The Morning Show, on Australia’s Channel Seven, that she has ‘something big’ coming up in Australia and will be staying in the country for around three months.

Man takes his father’s false teeth to Wembley for luck


A football fan has carried his dad’s false teeth through every round of the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy and is set to take the gnashers to Wembley as Walsall take on Bristol city in the final of the competition. Bus driver Jason Bailey, 44, said that it was for luck and also as a way of taking his father with him to Wembley to watch the big game.

Speaking about his father, Jason said ‘My dad took me to my first Walsall game when I was six years old. He was a massive fan but never got to see them achieve much.’ He only realised that the dentures seemed to be lucky when Walsall reached the 2001 play-off final at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium; the team were down two goals to one, so in extra time Jason ‘got them out in the handkerchief he used to keep them in and gave them a rub and a bit of a kiss.’ The team miraculously went on to win the game 3-2 and ever since then, the dentures have been with Jason to every round of the cup to try and give Walsall the edge over their rivals.

Jason added ‘I’ll definitely give them a little rub and a kiss to help bring us good luck.’

New reports show that two-thirds of Welsh children have tooth decay


According to new statistics released by The Children’s Dental Healthy Survey 2013 children in Wales are suffering with more tooth decay than their English equivalents; the survey revealed that 63% of 15-year-olds in Wales had some level of tooth decay, compared to 41% in England. Furthermore, 22% of Welsh children between the ages of five and 15 were found to have severe or extensive decay, around 10% more than English children in the same age bracket.

It was revealed that only a third of children of all ages in Wales were viewed to have a good level of oral health. Although the dental health of Welsh children is in worse condition than those in England, overall it has improved in Wales since 2003, as the Welsh Government set up the Designed to Smile programme in 2008.

The Welsh Government released a statement in response to the survey, saying that the results showed ‘a relatively high proportion of children who live in disadvantaged areas and who generally have the poorest oral health’. The spokesperson added ‘whilst it is too soon to gauge the full impact of Designed to Smile, our most recent monitoring survey showed a 6% drop in the proportion of five-year-olds with dental decay.’

Dentist shown removing maggots from Brazilian girls gum tissue


A video of a young Brazilian dental patient getting several maggots removed from her gum tissue reached mainstream media and online viewers have been both fascinated and horrified by the procedure. Ana Cardoso, aged 10, was taken to a dental clinic in Brazil by her mother Adriana after she complained of a tingling sensation in her gums and something ‘moving around’ within the tissue.

Adriana told mailonline her daughter had been complaining that she could feel something ‘moving around in her mouth’ but at first she did not take the problem seriously, saying ‘I couldn’t see anything and she didn’t seem to be in pain.’ After the condition did not improve, Adriana realised that she needed to visit the dentist, who told her that Ana was suffering with a rare form of oral myiasis – a condition where fly lava infection grows inside human tissue. Ms Cardoso said she couldn’t believe it when the dentist started to extract the maggots from around the front teeth.

The condition tends to develop in places with warmer climates and in patients that come from poorer social backgrounds or those that have suffered injury to the face. Ana’s mother said that her daughter remained ‘very calm’ while the treatment was carried out but she suspected that this was more to do with feeling helpless as she underwent the procedure.

Tooth belonging to Peking Man re-discovered after decades


A tooth belonging to an ancient human ancestor known as Peking Man has been rediscovered in a forgotten box at the Museum of Evolution at Uppsala University after going missing during World War Two. The canine tooth was found in one of forty forgotten boxes at the museum in Sweden and scientists have now been able to learn more about the life of the ancient human who was thought to have lived between 750,000 and 200,000 years ago.

Chinese palaeontologists Liu Wu and Tong Haowen, from the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology in Beijing, have examined the tooth and the findings have been recorded in the journal Acta Anthropological Sinica.

Per Ahlberg, one of the team who discovered the tooth in the forgotten box, described the find as ‘spectacular’ and said that it reveals many things about the individual’s life. Dr Ahlberg told MailOnline ‘The crown of the tooth is relatively small, which indicates that it belonged to a woman. The tooth is quite worn, so the individual must have been quite old when she died.’ The tooth also had two large chips out of the enamel, which suggests it had been hit by something or damaged by biting into something hard. It is believed that the owner of the tooth may have been between thirty and forty years old when she died.

Broken tooth saves a woman’s life


A woman who visited the dentist for a broken tooth was told that she had a tumour in her mouth and would have faced almost certain death if the problem had not been discovered. Lisa Epsom broke a tooth when she opened her son’s juice bottle with her mouth, and visited the dentist to get it repaired, only to be told that a small red spot on the roof of her mouth was actually cancer. After a fourteen hour operation to remove a golf ball sized tumour from behind her cheek, the 34-year-old was left severely disfigured but glad to be alive.

Ms Epsom told mailonline ‘That Fruit Shoot bottle saved my life. Had I not opened it with my teeth, I would not be here. I’ve lost my looks and feel disfigured. People stare at me in the street but I’m alive and can watch my kids grown up, so it’s a small price to pay.’

The mother-of-four now wants to raise awareness of mouth cancer as she had never heard of the disease before. She added that her confidence had taken a hit but found that she was ‘learning to live again… and that’s more important than anything.’ Ms Epsom added ‘I’ve learned so much about what’s important and that I have amazing family and friends who have supported me every step of the way. I also know it’s vital to visit the dentist regularly. Mine saved my life.’