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Ann Robinson confesses to Botox



The steely Weakest Link presenter, Ann Robinson, admits that she is ‘fanatical about how she looks’ and will go to great lengths to keep herself looking younger. The seventy-two-year-old has confessed to visiting a German health farm at least twice a year to give her body an ‘MOT’.

Despite her standoffish persona Ann has admitted that she really does care about how she looks and has undergone many procedures over the years. Speaking on a BBC documentary, Ann told of her obsession with looking good, “How I look matters to me, it always has. I have my hair cut and highlighted once a month. I have manicures, pedicures, facial peels, HRT implants. I had a face lift 12 years ago. I’m fanatical about how I look.”

Ann disclosed that she spends an annual £20,000 on Botox, and other procedures, in an attempt to retain a younger appearance. The confession was prompted whilst presenting a BBC documentary about Britain’s fixation on beauty. She was featured on the show visiting the Bodensee health farm to receive an enema. Obviously this was not shown, but the presenter was heard screaming out in pain from behind a closed door. This is a good demonstration of the lengths people will go to in the name of vanity.





Skye Wheatley reveals she’s had lip fillers


Ex Big Brother star, Skye Wheatley, has revealed that she has indeed had lip fillers, after speculation from fans gained momentum. Skye unveiled her new pout on a recent Instagram post promoting HiSmile teeth whitening products, which prompted a frenzy of fan posts.

The 24-year-old confirmed that she had undergone lip filler treatment after a bombardment of questions on Instagram. Skye found herself criticised by some followers, with one loyal fan feeling compelled to defend the star after people trolled her post. Appreciative of her fan’s loyalty the star personally responded and thanked them for their support.

This is not the first time the Instagram star has found herself under the scrutiny of the media and her fan base following cosmetic surgery. Last year Skye had a breast augmentation in Thailand. Unfortunately for her the surgery did not go to plan and she found herself having reconstruction surgery. However, the hell continued as she was left with more complications. She is now scheduled for a second reconstruction in Australia. The star was quoted in the Mail Online, “My boob job experience has literally been hell. Going to see the best of the best doctors, who still look at you and go… it’s gonna take me four hours to fix them”




Outrage over potential migrant teeth testing


Earlier on this week, Conservative MP David Davies called for the controversial teeth testing of migrant children to confirm their age. Children have been arriving in the UK, from Calais, to join family members already in situ. Further checks may also potentially be performed, such as, Interviews and fingerprinting to attempt to certify identity.

Suspicions have been raised that some migrants are adults masquerading as children, and the Conservative MP for Monmouth, has called for compulsory dental checks to be performed to identify the age of people gaining refuge in the UK. Mr Davies was quoted on the BBC Website as saying that one of the children arriving had, “lines around his eyes and looks older than I am. If they are jumping on lorries, they are not going to be adverse to lying about their ages. We should do the tests.”

Following the controversy, dentists have condemned the checks, expressing concerns that the procedure would be unethical. A spokesman for the British Dental Association (BDA) has also spoken out about the disputed claims that dental checks would be able to confirm someone’s age and said the BDA was ‘Vigorously opposed’ to the idea of using dental X-rays for such means. “It’s not only an inaccurate method for assessing age, but it is both inappropriate and unethical to take radiographs of people when there is no health benefit for them.” The debate continues.




Amy Childs admits regret over cosmetic surgery


Ex T.O.W.I.E star, Amy Childs, has spoken out about her regrets over cosmetic surgery. The reality star is well known for her cosmetic surgery endeavours and has received a lot of media attention over the years. The 26-year-old model and business woman had her first breast augmentation at the tender age of eighteen. Amy now admits that, if she had the time again, she would not have had surgery so young.

As a teen Amy enhanced her breast size from an A cup to a D cup, five years later she boosted them to an ample EE. However, the breast enlargement caused a number of problems, including backache, pain and tenderness and subsequent sagging. Since her first surgery, Amy has undergone a number of other treatments from lip fillers to Botox.

Amy spoke to Closer Magazine about her constant pain following cosmetic surgery, ‘I’m not planning on getting anything else done and don’t think I ever will because surgery has left me with so many problems.’ The reality star has now become a spokeswoman to anyone considering cosmetic surgery, and advises that choosing the right surgeon is of the utmost importance, and has urged people to really think about it before rushing in.




New ‘Botox Party’ craze hits Australia


It has emerged this week that a new craze has hit Australia. The ‘Botox Party’ has become popular amongst women and is a growing trend for men also. The parties involve alcohol, illegal narcotics and Botox injections. Shockingly there are often no qualified cosmetic surgeons at these parties, instead the guests are injected with Botox by unqualified nurses and sometimes doctors offering cut price treatments in an attempt to be rid of their lines and wrinkles.

Jack Zemouras, cosmetic surgeon, spoke to the popular Australian fashion and lifestyle website, 9Honey about his concerns, “So-called Botox parties are common which is unfortunate… vials are shared to cut down the cost. But often there’s alcohol involved and inexperienced injectors… there’s also no real consultation and no follow up. It’s far from professional.”

So deep are the concerns that The Cosmetic Physician’s College of Australasia (CPCA) are calling for action and investigation to be taken by the regulating watchdogs. Dr Cath Porter, CPCA spokeswoman, expressed her worries over the new craze, “It is difficult to imagine a more dangerous set of circumstances for the administration of this procedure… cosmetic medicine is a three-dimensional skill, requiring a full and detailed one-on-one consultation.” The general feeling amongst professionals it that this new trend can only end in disaster.



Silhouette Lift gains momentum


A relatively new procedure, the Silhouette Lift, is gaining credibility on the cosmetic surgery scene. The treatment is performed by the insertion of threads under the jaw line that are woven through and tightened to achieve a lift in the skin. Some positives of the Silhouette Lift are that there is no risk of nerve damage, it is less invasive and the recovery time is minimal compared to a full face or neck lift.

Gill Baird, a business consultant from Glasgow, spoke to the Daily Record about her experience with the procedure. “I didn’t want to go down the traditional neck lift route, because I’d be off work for weeks. Then I heard about this procedure and I only had to take a few days off.” Gill spoke of her insecurities before the procedure, saying that she felt unattractive and would be unhappy about having photographs taken due to her double chin.

The procedure costs around £1600, which is generally cheaper than a neck lift, however will only last around eighteen months. The Silhouette Lift is a good option for anyone who is unsure about a surgical neck lift and the recovery time is less limiting and less painful. Gill has raved about the procedure and says that it has changed her life.



New 3D Botox scan under development


A new pioneering 3D Botox scan is under development to allow patients to see a preview of what their Botox or dermal filler treatment will look like in advance of the procedure. The technology has been developed in South Australia and practitioners are hoping it will be unveiled to the public soon.

The 3D scan has been developed at Epiclinic by Dr Michael Molton after he became frustrated by the standard 2D ‘before and after’ shots that are currently available. The after shots very often show the results in a more flattering light and with makeup which can be misleading to patients, and can often result in disappointment and heightened expectations. Dr Molton was quoted on the New Scientist website as saying, “I wanted something that you couldn’t fudge, like CT or MRI scans that are used in other areas of medicine.”

Dr Molton is hopeful that the new technique will be a more precise prediction of the results and is trialling it first with dermal fillers. The software element of the scan, which has been developed by Mohammed Bennamoun of the University of Western Australia, will generate a 3D contour map to show the expected results of the Botox or fillers. The software works using algorithms to give a detailed concept of how the face will look after treatment.



Robbie Williams comes clean about cosmetic surgery


Former Take That legend Robbie Williams has confessed to having cosmetic surgery, and at the moment he says he is unable to move his forehead due to Botox injections. Robbie admitted to having a number of other procedures, including dermal fillers in his face.

Speaking at the Attitude Awards in London earlier this week he discussed candidly the procedures he has had, and accepted that his life style is starting to catch up with him. Robbie has always been known for his wild life style of drinking, smoking and partying, and feels that this has contributed to his aging. “I’ve had some fillers, and some Botox, and I’ve had something done to my chin which means I can’t even move my… forehead.” Robbie has also had laser treatment to smooth his skin.

Since the turn of the century, cosmetic surgery has seen a sharp increase in men going under the knife. Statistics show that there has been an increase of one hundred and ten percent, with treatments such as Botox and fillers becoming more popular with the male population. It is estimated by BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) that nearly five thousand men had cosmetic surgery just last year.




Chloe Goodman admits she is addicted to lip fillers


Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach star Chloe Goodman recently appeared on the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, and admitted that she is totally addicted to lip fillers. Speaking candidly on the show, the star revealed that she does not want to ‘grow old gracefully’ and cannot ever see a time where she will not have the procedure as she is completely addicted.

Before Chloe first appeared on the MTV show she says she never really thought about her appearance. However, after seeing herself on camera and reading negative comments from viewers, she became increasingly critical of her looks and turned to cosmetic surgery to boost her self-confidence. “I would look at the show and think I could have looked better… I was so addicted to refreshing my Twitter feed it was a joke. I was so interested in how everyone thought I came across and how I looked.”

Before appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, Chloe had fillers in her lips and cheeks and Botox in her face, which caused a backlash of negative comments. Chloe admits that she regretted having so much work done in such close proximity, but also says that the procedures became ‘addictive from the very first injection.’



Woman spends £20,000 to look like a Barbie Doll


In search of her very own Ken, Rachel Evans has shelled out £20,000 on cosmetic surgery to emulate the look of a Barbie Doll. Appearing on the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, the forty-five-year-old single mum has said she will not stop until she looks exactly like her plastic idol.

Rachel’s obsession started in childhood where, even at school, she was called ‘the doll’ by her peers. Through her twenties she adopted a goth image, but is now very keen to move away from this by creating the look of a smooth, plastic like doll. “When I was 30, the reason why I started the quest to look like Barbie was I needed to kill off the gothic image, the old image. And I had this idea to look like a completely different person.”

In pursuit of her ideal image, Rachel turned to cosmetic surgery to change her look. She started off with Botox, and was so pleased with her wrinkleless face that she went all out, admitting that she has had every non-surgical procedure available. “I’m redesigning my face and I love that power and the control. I am 100 percent happily addicted to cosmetic procedures.”




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