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UK urged to stop using amalgam fillings


Amalgam fillings, which are a mixture of liquid mercury and powdered alloys of tin, copper, and silver, have long been a source of controversy in the dental world. Many dentists, consumers and health environment organisations are calling for a complete ban on the substance, especially for use in pregnant women and children, due to health risks. The other aspect of the debate centers on the environmental impact. Secondary poisoning of fish and wildlife, as well as its effects on water, air and land are also at the forefront of the campaign.
Dr Graeme Munro-Hall, a British dentist, made a public statement explaining the current situation, “British dentists increasingly realize that the end is near for amalgam. Alternatives are available, affordable, and effective. It is time for the UK to say good-bye to amalgam, a material clearly inferior to composite or ionomers.”
Europe is the world’s biggest user of amalgam at present, which makes this a worrying factor. Three members from the European Parliament have distributed petitions calling for support in banning its use. Currently the petition holds over seventeen thousand names and is still growing. Representatives from European institutions are due to meet on the 6th December to discuss the regulations on the use of mercury, which includes its use in dentistry.


Nicole Scherzinger shows off seemingly fuller lips



Speculation has grown as to whether the X Factor judge and former Pussy Cat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, has undergone lip filler treatment. Her latest dramatic Instagram selfie showed her pouting her very full lips, in a close up shot. Fans became suspicious after her lips looked sizably bigger than in previous posts.

Nicole took to Instagram whilst in London to celebrate the sun shining in the winter months, however fans were more interested in her growing pout. There was no question in fans’ minds that the star looked great, however they were divided in opinion as to whether they approved of her possible lip fillers. One fan wrote, “Why? You’re a stunning woman, Stop with the lips already… It cheapens your natural beauty,” yet another felt that her lips looked ‘beautiful.’

Nicole has been asked in the past if she has ever had fillers, Botox, or plastic surgery, to which she answered no. Nicole attributed her great complexion to a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of water, however it is likely that this new selfie will raise more questions that she’ll undoubtedly be asked to answer. Her fans will be interested to hear whether she denies the rumours, given that her lips seem obviously bigger than before.




Dyson files patent for innovative water jet toothbrush


Rumours have circulated that Dyson may be branching out from their famous vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, by venturing into the dental industry. The British company seems to be wanting a slice of the lucrative dental hygiene market by filing a patent for an innovative new toothbrush design.

The product is loosely described as a ‘smart toothbrush’ and the design suggests that dental floss could, potentially, become a thing of the past. This is due to the water jet technology, that blasts debris and food particles from in between the teeth. The patent for the toothbrush is said to include a reservoir,that can be filled up using ordinary tap water.

The new design could revolutionise the way people brush their teeth, and could challenge the big dental hygiene companies, such as, Braun and Philips.The innovative idea maypossibly rival, and even excel,existing products, such as, theSonicareAirFloss and the Genius toothbrush. Both of which were seen as revolutionary at the time of their production.Although the price of thepotential toothbrush has not yet been stated, it is expected that it will come at quite a cost, considering the price tags on other Dyson products.




Do people feel short changed by celebrity endorsements?


A sudden rise in celebrity endorsements has propelled teeth whitening even further into the forefront of the public domain. With the growing popularity of social media, celebrities with huge followings bombard their fans with the latest ‘must have’ products.

Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Pete Wicks apparently swear by the teeth whitening products they promote; however, it was revealed in the news, a few weeks previously, that Pete Wicks has veneers, which cannot be whitened with conventional kits. Forbes published an article recently on the same topic, discussing how Scott Disick accidentally posted the instructions for his endorsement on Instagram, “Here you go, at 4pm est, write the below. Caption: Keeping up with the summer workout routine with my morning @booteauk protein shake!” The post was swiftly removed, however, not before the damage had already been done.

Forbes performed a survey on around fourteen thousand people, back in March, with very interesting results. The findings suggested that people were ten times more likely to opt for the non-celebrity endorsed products when making a purchase. What used to be a sure-fire way of generating sales, is now evolving into a savvier consumer market.



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Man receives compensation for infected dental implant


Bristol man, Mark Chambers, travelled all the way to Cheadle Hume, to his childhood family dentist, to receive dental care following a tooth extraction. Mr Chambers was given advice to have a dental implant and a crown to solve the issue of his missing tooth. However, the dentist at A R Dental Care failed to realise that his patient did not have enough bone density to be able to support the implant.

Unfortunately, six years later, Mr Chamber’s developed severe complications with the implant, including gum recession and infection. He spoke to the Manchester Evening News, “My gum had receded since the original treatment, which created a pocket between my gum and the implant allowing bacteria in that caused infection.” He also went on to say how frustrating the situation became, due to the amount of time it has taken out of his life and how it has limited his enjoyment of food.

Mr Chambers sought legal advice following his ordeal. Jonathan Owen of the Dental Law Partnership stated that his client would not have suffered if the implant had been fitted correctly in the first place. The dental practice settled out of court, to the sum of six thousand five hundred pounds. Despite this, Mr Chambers will still need to undergo over a years’ worth of corrective dental work to rectify the issue. A R Dental Care refused to comment.




Dangerous teeth whitening chemicals seized at East Midland’s airport


Over the past year over seventeen thousand dangerous or unsafe products have been intercepted at one of England’s most popular airports for holiday makers and business professionals. East Midland’s Airport sends and receives planes from destinations all over the world, making it a haven for people trying to smuggle illegal goods in and out of the country.

Amongst the counterfeit goods, Leicester Trading Standards found teeth whitening creams with very dangerous chemical ingredients that could cause significant harm to individuals. The rise in illegal teeth whitening products has been significantly higher over recent years. This could be due, in part, to the cosmetic procedure becoming more and more popular through celebrity endorsements and people becoming more conscious of their appearance on social media.

The illegal teeth whitening trade poses a serious threat to public health, and can cause devastating consequences. Joe Orson of Leicester Trading Standards expressed their commitment, as an organisation, to stamping out criminality and counterfeit goods of any kind, “Stopping harmful goods entering the marketplace and protecting consumers and businesses from falling victim to this form of criminal activity that could put people’s lives at risk is of paramount importance.” Other items that were seized included, faulty LED Lights that posed the risk of electrocution, Jewellery with high metal toxicity levels and laser pens.



Expert claims braces could be harming children’s teeth


International expert, Professor Robin Seymour, has issued a warning that orthodontic treatment, in particular fixed braces, could be risky to children’s dental health. It is estimated that around two hundred thousand young people undergo teeth straightening in England and Wales every year.

Professor Seymour expressed his concerns that braces with fixed brackets and bands attached can make it very difficult for children to brush their teeth. This could then lead to a build-up of plaque and potentially gum disease. He was quoted in the Daily Mail, “While the demand for orthodontic treatments has increased, it needs to be recognised that there are risks associated with such treatments.” He also went on to say that in certain cases, the risks of having a brace could outweigh the benefits, if the patient has existing poor dental hygiene.

The professor also undertook research into effective cleaning methods for people undergoing orthodontic work. His research suggests that there were no extra benefits to using electric tooth brushes, and the interdental brushes, recommended by many dentists, showed no additional benefits in the prevention of plaque. He did however suggest that using alcohol free mouth wash, alongside regular brushing, showed significant removal of debris which could help to maintain good oral health.




Duo imprisoned for dentist burglary


Halton Lodge Dental Surgery in Runcorn fell victim to a senseless ransacking and burglary at the hands of three men, at least two of which were addicted to class A drugs. Antony Wain aged 47 and Samuel Hambleton aged 38, along with an another unidentified male, were observed stealing items from the surgery back in March this year. Halton Lodge suffered loss and damages, including, money, dental supplies, and damage to property, worth around four thousand pounds.

Following a tip off to authorities, the two men were located at an address on Grangeway, where police initially had difficulty gaining entry to the property. Once inside, police arrested Wain and Hambleton after finding stolen goods on the premises. The men had even stolen the dental practice’s toothpaste.

Wain and Hambleton appeared in front of Chester Crown Court last Friday and were sentenced to twenty-eight months and twenty-four months respectively for the crime. It was also revealed that the pair have a very colourful past, with a total of seventy-two previous convictions between them, Wain being the most prolific with fifty-six to his name. Judge Patrick Thomas was not impressed by the pair’s antics, “You effectively ransacked the place. The consequence is the surgery was closed for three days, patients and staff were no doubt extremely distressed. The local community was without the dentist for three days and the business was caused considerable hardship.”



Dental decay epidemic in Northern Ireland’s children


Shocking statistics have emerging this week that thousands of children and babies throughout Northern Ireland are needing dental surgery to remove decayed teeth. New figures from four of the five health trusts show that nearly four and a half thousand children found themselves admitted to hospital in desperate need of tooth extractions within the last year alone.

It was also revealed that babies as young one were suffering with decayed teeth, which also resulted in tooth extractions under general anaesthetic. Dr James Kelly, owner of Coalisland Dental, attributes the rise in decay to parents being unaware of the risks that sugary food and drinks have on teeth. He expressed the importance of parents paying attention to sugar content and considering healthier choices. He also stressed the need to implement a good oral hygiene routine of regular, supervised brushing.

Dr Kelly gave an example of the lack of knowledge around this area, “I’d a mother in recently who said that her child only drinks flavoured water, and thought that was a good thing. Of course, that isn’t the case because of the sugar content in such drinks, but there are parents out there who don’t realise the harm these things can do.” If parents are unsure of anything to do with dental health, it is advised that they contact their dentist for help and support.




Oasis Dental Care bought out by Bupa


Private health care group, Bupa, has closed an eight hundred and thirty-five-million-pound deal to buy out the popular dentistry chain Oasis Dental Care. Recently there has been massive expansion in Britain’s dental industry, and this deal shows further evidence of this. The cosmetic dentistry market is set to rise even further over the coming years, which is attributed to demand from an aging population. It is estimated that the industry is currently worth around seven billion pounds.

The Oasis Dental Care chain has three hundred and eighty practices and forty-two clinics, making it the second largest dental provider in the UK. The group has close to two thousand dental professionals providing service to around two million people. As well as private dental care, Oasis also take NHS patients, to offer services to a diverse range of people from various locations across the country.

UK managing director for Bupa, David Hynam spoke enthusiastically to The Times newspaper, “There’s strong customer demand for high-quality, value-for-money dental services that are convenient and easy to use. Bupa and Oasis have a shared commitment to putting customers first, and we look forward to working together and welcoming the Oasis team into Bupa.” This deal further cements the agenda of the government to drive forward the importance of good dental health, and shows exciting prospects for the future of the industry as a whole.



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