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Chantelle Houghton is photographed with swollen lips



She has admitted to going under-the-knife in the past and now it seems that reality star Chantelle Houghton is dabbling in cosmetic treatment again, as the mother-of-one was seen out and about with painfully swollen lips. The 32-year-old was pictured outside a London coffee shop and her lips appeared swollen and much larger than their normal appearance.

Chantelle was spotted enjoying the sunshine at the end of last week and while she grabbed a coffee she was also seen examining her plumper pout in a compact mirror. The Celebrity Big Brother winner didn’t seem to be her usually bubbly self and did not raise a smile for the photographers; instead she ignored the cameras and checked her appearance in the mirror regularly. Foregoing any make-up, the reality star enjoyed her coffee break with a natural look on display for the cameras.

Although she calls her previous breast augmentation her ‘biggest regret’ Chantelle is still a fan of lip fillers and has been for regular treatments at the salon belonging to her friend and fellow reality star Amy Childs. She recently posted a video showing her having the treatment done in great detail and she didn’t seem to be too uncomfortable, only flinching occasionally after the needle was inserted into her lips.


Kim Kardashian makes emergency call to dentist after chipping tooth



Always the centre of attention, Kim Kardashian is not one to let a little thing like a chipped tooth get in the way of her addiction to social media, as the 35-year-old proved this weekend as she posted a picture of herself on Snapchat getting emergency dental treatment.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star joked that she had to call 911 after she was on her way to Vegas and she chipped her front tooth, leading to an emergency trip to the dentist to get it fixed. Instead of calling in the paramedics, Kim decided instead to enlist the help of Dr Kevin Sands, Beverly Hills dentist to the stars, to help fix her tooth before a public appearance in Las Vegas, where Kim will be hosting at a nightclub for the next week.

The reality star posted a picture of herself in the dentist’s chair with Dr Sands behind her, she can be seen wearing a paper bib but there was no sign of the actual damage to the tooth. She didn’t post any updates later on but she was spotted out and about with flawless teeth, so we can assume the damage was successfully repaired.


Richard III’s teeth could prove he did not murder the princes in the tower


A leading historian claims that the skull of Richard the Third proves that he did not murder the Princes in the Tower. Dr John Ashdown-Hill MBE says that tests carried out on the ‘bones in the urn’ found under the stairs at the Tower of London showed that they were unlikely to have been related to the last Plantagenet King.

The bones showed evidence of hypodontia – congenital tooth loss – which is a genetic anomaly not shared with the remains of Richard the Third, strongly suggesting that the two sets of bones were from unrelated persons. Dr Ashdown-Hill said that the bones, which were long-believed to belong to princes Edward and Richard, were not related to Richard the Third and were ‘more likely to be Anglo Saxon remains.’ He went on to say that this is a good indication that the late King had nothing to do with the deaths of his young nephews, adding ‘It is exciting that finding Richard could be instrumental in helping solve another of the most intriguing historical mysteries.’

Dr Ashdown-Hill is now asking for the bones of Richard III to be disinterred from Westminster Abbey so that they can undergo DNA testing in order to definitively answer the question about the remains found at the Tower of London.


Rylan Clark Neal asks This Morning host whether he has had Botox



Rylan Clark Neal is becoming a firm fixture on the This Morning sofa and it seems he is becoming more and more comfortable with his role on the ITV breakfast show, even to the point where he doesn’t mind asking probing questions to the show’s hosts, Eamonn and Ruth.

Rylan was presenting his usual segment on the world of show business when he decided to complement This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes on how well he looked by questioning him about whether or not he has had Botox injections. Shocked by the line of questioning, Eamonn immediately responded that he had just eaten a lot on holiday. Rylan said that Eamonn looked ‘really well’ before adding ‘I know you’ve had a haircut, but you look younger.’

Eamonn’s wife and co-presenter Ruth Langsford was immediately suspicious of the flattery, although Rylan claimed indignantly that he was only giving a compliment ‘where a compliment was due.’

Eamonn replied that he would be going on a diet with wife Ruth after the show aired, but she retorted ‘Speak for yourself, I’m all right!’


Chef Pete Evans wife claims that homemade toothpaste is better than fluoride


Celebrity chef Pete Evans is known for being outspoken and it seems that his wife is of a similar character; whilst her husband might hold the opinion that sunscreen is poison, Nicola Robinson has taken aim at fluoride toothpaste, claiming that tooth remineralisation can be achieved using a homemade alternative and that natural products are better for cleaning the teeth.

Nicola took to Instagram to promote the benefits of natural tooth remineralisation and homemade toothpaste and said that she finds the subject of teeth ‘rather fascinating’, before going on to talk about that natural ways we can look after our ‘pearly whites’ rather than turning to products that contain chemicals and fluoride. Nicola told her followers ‘there’s plenty of information… coming to light too! Like the arising knowledge about tooth remineralisation.’ She added that anyone could do a simple Google search to find out more about how to look after their teeth ‘inside and out.’

She went on to say that a natural toothpaste containing calcium powder, baking soda, coconut oil, and natural pesticide Diatomaceous Earth is a product that can help keep teeth healthy; although some dentists are wary of using a toothpaste that includes such abrasive ingredients every day on the soft enamel of the teeth as it can cause erosion.


Kylie Jenner superfan splashes thousands of pounds on lip fillers and Botox


A man who is obsessed with reality star Kylie Jenner has revealed his bill for plastic surgery has topped £21,000; with cosmetic procedures including lip fillers an Botox adding to that total. 22-year-old James Holt is so desperate to look like his idol that he has spent over ten thousand pounds on his lips alone. James, from Bury, Greater Manchester has also spent thousands on Botox and cheek fillers and even said he would go as far as having ribs removed to achieve the perfect hour glass figure, just like his idol.

James told Mailonline that he wants to be ‘really fake looking’ and explained that he started to get lip fillers because Kylie Jenner began getting the injections to plump up her lips last year. He boasts that his own pout is bigger than the 18-year-olds. Despite the fact James has had problems in the past with too much filler being injected into his lips, the student has not been deterred and continues to get his lips filled every two months to top up his pout. He is now planning a trip to Poland to have a nose job and says that he would also like chin implant and fat transferred to his behind to make it larger and more shapely.


Kylie Jenner admits overdoing lip filler injections


The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, shocked many when she revealed she had decided to get filler injections into her lips at the age of seventeen and now the teenager has admitted that she maybe went too far with the treatment. The 18-year-old told Allure magazine that she may have had too much filler injected and made her lips too big.

Kylie was interviewed by her big sister Kim Kardashian and Kim didn’t hold back when asking about Kylie’s beauty mistakes; the teenager admitted immediately that she ‘definitely’ went overboard with filler treatment and made her lips look ‘a little too big at one point.’ After plumping up her lips to try and address her insecurities surrounding her appearance, Kylie said she ‘got excited’ and felt that she needed to keep doing the treatment over and over. She added that her sisters saw her overdoing it and advised her to ‘chill’ and lay off the procedure for a while.

Kylie told her sister how she had to go and have her lips fixed because of having too much filler injected; she called the repair work ‘a crazy process’ and admitted she was thankful that she didn’t end up on surgery show Botched, which documents people who have had disasters with cosmetic treatment.



Khloe Kardashian dances before going to the dentist


Being scared of the dentist is a fairly common problem among adults but it doesn’t appear to have affected reality star Khloe Kardashian as the 32-year-old posted a video of herself on Snapchat dancing cheerfully right before going to visit the dentist on Thursday.

Khloe shared the videos of herself wearing a white bodysuit and denim shorts; looking glamorous with gold jewellery on, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian Star decided to strut her stuff to illustrate her lack of nerves before her dental appointment. Her next pictures were posted very soon after the video and appeared to show Khloe sitting in the dentist’s chair with a dental professional applying a curing light to her teeth – possibly to whiten them. Khloe can be seen wearing protective red glasses while the procedure is being carried out.

Referring to her dentist, Khloe captioned the photo ‘Dr Sands in the building.’ Dr Sands has also done work for Khloe’s sisters Kendall and Kylie, and singer Miley Cyrus. Khloe didn’t post any further updates after that and didn’t show off the results for fans to see, although she certainly appeared to be in good spirits generally as she was seen out and about later in the week.


Former TOWIE cast-member Kirk reacts to rumours of lip injections


He might be known for loving his appearance but former The Only Way Is Essex regular Kirk Norcross has reacted furiously to suggestions that he might have had lip injections to plump up his pout. Kirk left TOWIE back in 2013 but has remained active in the media and social networking sites, as well as taking part in several more reality shows, such as Ex on the Beach.

Although he admits to going under the knife for a nose job, Kirk became extremely defensive after fans questioned whether he had had lip injections when he posted a picture online that was supposed to be showcasing his new haircut. The 28-year-old read comments about his picture asking why he had decided to get lip fillers and suggesting he should ‘lay off’ the treatment as he seemed to be overdoing it.

Kyle quickly retorted that he had never had lip injections, telling his fans and online followers ‘I have not nor will I ever get my lips done.’ He questioned fans about their suggestions, saying ‘People saying I’ve had my lips done!!!! Are you… serious!!!’ Fans did not necessarily believe his denials though, as some posted emoji’s winking back at Kirk following his reply.


Woman discovers she has a tooth growing behind her eye


A Chinese woman was shocked to find that sharp pain she was experiencing in her face was actually being caused by a tooth that had started to grow behind her eye. According to People’s Daily Online, Cao Fang, 28, had to have the stray tooth removed before it started to affect her eyesight.

Cao Fang, who works in Guangzhou, visited the doctor after she developed pain in her face when eating and was told that there was an inch-long tooth growing directly below her right eye. Without surgery, the tooth would continue to grow and could cause permanent damage to her eye, so doctors advised her to have it removed as soon as possible.

Cao was referred to Chongqing city for surgery with a Doctor Lin, who speculated that the tooth may have started to grown in the wrong direction after a baby tooth failed to fall out at the right time. The surgical team made a small incision into the side of her face and the tooth was extracted. Cao is now hopeful that she can begin to enjoy the local cuisine, which was the main reason she moved from Sichuan province in the first place.


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