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Zoom whitening London

No one is born with brilliantly white teeth, but as the years pass our teeth can succumb to staining or discolouration – due mainly to diet, but also as part of the natural aging process. Superficial stains are not too difficult to deal with, providing you have a good grasp on oral hygiene, but stains caused by coffee, red wine, or smoking permeate deeper into the tooth enamel, making them slightly trickier to remove. If you are uncomfortable with the state of your teeth or you would just like to treat yourself to a brighter smile, consult with a dentist at the Pearl Dental Clinic to see if Zoom teeth whitening could help you.

What is Zoom teeth whitening?

This type of in-office teeth whitening procedure is possibly the most sought after in dentistry at the moment, this is because of its revolutionary technology that can break down even the toughest stains and restore your teeth to a level above your natural whiteness.

How does zoom whitening work?

Zoom whitening works in a similar way to other treatments available on the market, but the difference is really in the results. Traditional whitening procedures can lighten teeth by a few shades, but patients have been known to improve the colour of their teeth by eight shades or more with Zoom technology.
Firstly the gel formula is applied to the patient’s teeth in a thin layer, making sure none of it is touching the gums or lips, and then the Zoom curing lamp is used to activate the whitening agents contained in the gel. Only the blue light will intensify the effect of the gel, an ordinary light bulb won’t break down the staining at all. The process is usually complete after fifteen to twenty minutes, after which a further two applications are made, one after the other. When the patient has undergone three treatments – this takes less than an hour in most cases – there should immediate results. For maximum effect, patients should return to the surgery for additional treatment – especially if they had heavily stained teeth to begin with. 

Is Zoom whitening suitable for everyone?

It’s a good idea to discuss any procedures you might be considering with your dentist, but most people will be able to undergo the treatment without any problems. If you have dentures, veneers or crowns fitted among your normal teeth, please be aware that zoom whitening can not whiten artificial teeth or teeth that have been root filled – although there are no adverse effects from using the gel on artificial or non-vital teeth. 
The only people who should not have the treatment are pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, and people who are on certain types of medication or those patients who have allergies to hydrogen peroxide. Talk everything through with your dentist beforehand, they will be aware of your medical history and will be able to advise you on suitability.

How long will Zoom whitening results last?

With a good oral hygiene routine, the effects of Zoom whitening can last a long time, in most cases the teeth will always be at least a few shades lighter than they were before. If you have had this procedure, it’s a good idea to buy a Zoom home whitening kit occasionally, this will help keep your teeth looking their best – and there’s no need to go back to the dental surgery. Be aware that although the enamel has been whitened, it is not immune to staining, and without good practices such as brushing and flossing you might find your teeth reverting to their previous state.

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