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Toothache relief

Toothache Relief

What could toothache mean?

Toothache is the body’s way of providing a warning sign that something is amiss. Tooth pain could appear for several reasons, and could mean any of the following:

Toothache may also be caused by other issues, such as a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth. All the above will need professional evaluation, enabling the correct course of treatment to be administered.


Over the counter relief medication for toothache relief

There are an array of over the counter products that claim to provide relief from tooth ache and the shelves are awash with gels, mouth washes and medications. While they may provide temporary relief, it is also important that you seek dental advice as a matter of urgency. Over the counter pain killers can help stem the pain until you can book an appointment with a dentist. If it is believed that the pain is caused by sensitivity then a sensitive toothpaste may provide relief from the discomfort, however it is still advised to see a dentist.


Natural toothache relief

Clove oil, which can be bought at pharmacies and health food shops, can help to reduce soreness and discomfort around the gum and teeth. If medications are not an option then this is a good, natural alternative for temporary relief.


Emergency dental treatment for toothache relief

When it comes to toothache, natural or over the counter relief can help people cope with their symptoms in the short term, however toothache is a sign that something is not right and will need further investigation. Toothache is considered a dental emergency and it is advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible.


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