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Physics Forceps

A Guide to Physics Forceps

Having a tooth removed at the dentist is one of the most daunting procedures for many individuals. While this course of action is usually carried out due to severe decay or trauma – which usually caused by a high level of pain and discomfort – the idea remains traumatic for the vast majority of patients.

It may reassure members of the public to know that the constantly evolving world of emergency dentistry means practices such as this are becoming simpler, more effective and quicker – which means complicated treatment could be over in a single appointment.

While it is a worrying thought for many, the consequences of leaving a tooth infection or broken pearly white in place could create further oral health issues that may require more drastic courses of action in the future.

What are Physics Forceps?

Developed by Golden Dental Solutions, Physics Forceps – which are used at Pearl Dental Clinic – allow dental professionals to perform tooth extractions with the upmost ease and the fastest speed.

The unique design of the tool allows the practitioner to apply light but constant pressure to the affected pearly white without causing excessive damage to the surrounding area.

By providing a simple advantage of first-class lever mechanics, Physics Forceps use their own patented beak and bumper technique to extract even the most damaged teeth, while protecting the buccal bone and socket.

This innovative device differs from traditional tools – which primarily grasp, squeeze and twist – to exert a slow and steady force to release the pearly white from the alveolar bone in the most efficient manner possible.

Combining the biomechanical benefits of a first-class lever with the reaction that is occurring, the Physics Forceps method – carried out by staff members at Pearl Dental Clinic – makes the notoriously difficult procedure easier than ever, while providing a steady and unrelenting trauma to the periodontal ligament that – in turn – causes the release of hyaluronidase, which liberates the pearly white from its attachment to the alveolus.

Does this course of action preserve the bone?

With Physics Forceps – which involve the dental practitioner applying constant, steady pressure with the wrist only – it is rare to cause breakages to the buccal bone or cortical plate. This process involves moving the tooth between one and three millimetres through stress and separating it from the gum tissue.

When the chemical breakdown of the periodontal ligament by hyaluronic acid is sufficient, the pearly white is able to elevate effectively and the Physics Forceps have been successfully utilised.

What are the advantages of Physics Forceps?

  • Use of this tool supports the immediate placement of dental implants
  • It also helps with efficient full mouth reconstructive extractions
  • Virtually eliminates the chance of sustaining a root top fracture
  • Increases patient referrals based on atraumatic pearly white removals
  • Allows patients to undergo this course of action without having to be referred to an outside practice
  • The complexity of the device allows the procedure to be completed in less than four minutes

Are all sets of Physics Forceps the same?

While patients may view the tools used to remove unhealthy teeth as the same, practitioners – such as those who carry out extractions at Pearl Dental Clinic – are fully aware of the specialised equipment required to conduct such intricate tasks.

Posterior Physics Forceps allow the administrator to remove erupted third molars – or wisdom teeth – as well as those teeth that are located in hard to reach areas of the mouth, where it may be near impossible to get to with the standard type of device.

The complexity of the mouth and the fact that everyone’s teeth are different means it is vital for dentists to be able to utilise the appropriate equipment in a bid to make procedures as simple and effective as possible.

Pedodontic series forceps are especially designed for use on the primary teeth. Similar to the standard sets of implements, this group are much smaller and are aimed at carrying out removals on children’s pearly whites.

Although the dentist can be a frightening place for youngsters, parents are able to rest assured in the knowledge that their offspring will be receiving the best possible treatment – carried out in the quickest manner – at Pearl Dental Clinic.

Can the use of Physics Forceps support atraumatic extractions?

The growing desire to leave surrounding bone tissue unaffected by pearly white extractions has spurred the increasing demand for dental implants among those people who are hoping to keep their smile looking both natural and attractive.

During this process – which is available at Pearl Dental Clinic – a missing tooth is replaced with an artificial device that looks like a natural fitting. They are continually used as an alternative to traditional methods of replacement such as dentures or bridgework. 

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