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Maryland Dental bridges

There are lots of different types of dental bridge, made from various materials; a popular option is the non-invasive Maryland Bridge.


What is a Maryland Dental Bridge?

This kind of bridge is made from a specially formulated, highly durable porcelain, and held in place with metal wings that are fixed to the neighbouring tooth. They are generally more suitable for patients with gaps at the front of their mouth, and not for spaces of more than one tooth.


How are Maryland dental bridges fitted?

In the same way as many other dental procedures, the dentist will make an initial impression of your teeth; this will be used to mould your bridge to fit your teeth exactly. This cast, along with some other information such as size and colour preferences, is then sent away to a dental technician who will construct the Maryland Bridge to the exact specifications.

Maryland bridges do not usually need any tooth shaving and this is their major advantage compared to conventional bridges.

It can take a couple of weeks for your dental bridge to be prepared; when it is ready you will be called in for a fitting. After any adjustments have been made to make the bridge as comfortable as possible, it can then cemented permanently into place.


You can have a Maryland bridge fitted at the Pearl Dental Clinic within two weeks. You can start by making an appointment for an initial consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate.


How long will Maryland dental bridges last?

80% of Maryland bridges last upto 10 years. Occasionally they may debond but they can be recemented easily.


Are Maryland dental bridges suitable for you?

If you have a small gap at the front of your mouth, you could be considered for a Maryland bridge, they’re also great if you don’t like needles, as there is usually no need for any anaesthetic or tooth drilling.


Are there any alternatives to Maryland dental bridges?

Yes, there is also the options of accepting the missing tooth gap, removable dentures, conventional fixed bridges and fixed dental implants.


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