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Extreme Makeover Dentist

extreme makeover dentistPearl Dental Clinic is an extreme makeover dentist. The clinic offers an array of cosmetic dentistry treatments to enhance and rejuvenate skin and teeth. If you are unhappy with your appeareance then why not see what the clinic can do for you. Consultations for cosmetic dentistry treatments are completely free of charge. What is more, there is no obligation to go ahead with the treatment unless you are completely happy to do so.

Extreme Makeover Dentist

Dental Veneers

When teeth have become tired looking, chipped, cracked, stained or discoloured then dental veneers can drastically change their appearance. Dental veneers are porcelain or composite sheaths that are placed over the existing teeth. Veneers are very natural looking  in their appearance.

Facial aesthetics and anti ageing treatments

The clinic offers Botox and Dermal Fillers to help improve the look of sunken, tired, or wrinkled skin. Our skilled cosmetic dentist Niall Hutchinson delivers first class results while being gentle and considerate to patients needs. Botox can be injected into a number of areas on the face, such as, the forehead, crows feets etc. to reduce or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. Dermal fillers are used to plump out areas of the face that may have lost volume over time, such as the cheeks, or lips. The clinic also offers an array of other cosmetic dentistry treatments, these include, teeth whitening, invisible braces, contouring, composite bonding, gummy smile treatments, and snap on smiles. For more information please see our website.


If you would like more information about our cosmetic dentistry treatments then please book in for a free cosmetic consultation. You can reach us on 0208 547 9997. In addition to this, the clinic offers general dentistry for the whole family. Also, we have an emergency dental service for urgent issues. The service is fast, reliable, and is easy to access via telephone, email, online booking, or drop in.

Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm. You can book an appointment by calling us on 0208 547 9997 or emailing us or booking an appointment online

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