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Cheap Dental Bridges

Cheap Dental Bridges

Cheap dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants at Pearl Dental Clinic.

Here at Pearl Dental Clinic, we offer many different options for tooth replacement. This includes high-quality dental implants, natural looking dentures, and affordable dental bridges.

Cheap Dental Bridges

A dental bridge literally ‘bridges’ the gap between two teeth. The device is fixed to the neighbouring teeth and looks very natural. We offer different types of high-quality dental bridges at affordable prices.

  • Bridges (per unit cost) – From £395
  • Adhesive Bridges/Maryland bridges (No tooth preparation necessary) – From £500 (per unit)
  • Conventional Bridges (per unit cost) – From £500
  • Replacement Bridge – From £60

Additional Options


A full or partial denture is a removable appliance that requires daily fixing to keep it in place. Dentures are usually taken out at night and fixed in during the day. Some people prefer this method of tooth replacement because it does not require invasive treatment or surgical procedures.

  • Denture – From £395
  • New Denture In One Day (Express Service) – From £495
  • Valplast Flexible Denture – From £595
  • Cosmetic Denture – From £595
  • Metal Denture – From £750
  • A Set Of Complete Upper And Lower Dentures – From £995
  • Denture Repair In One Day – From £150

Dental Implants

Dental implants are becoming a very popular choice for tooth replacement. There are many benefits to having an implant. This is a permanent solution that is fixed to the jawbone. An implant has a very high success rate, does not require any daily adhering like dentures, looks like a natural tooth, and allows you to eat any type of foods you want. This option is a surgical procedure, whereas dentures and bridges are not.

  • Straumann SLActive Dental Implant Complete Package (Including Free Teeth Whitening) – Price inclusive of Straumann Implant, Abutment & Crown – £2,500
  • Same day Teeth. cost per arch (i.e. four to six Nobel biocare special implants and a provisional twelve teeth fixed bridge all built in one day) – £14,995

Dental finance is available for almost all of our dental treatments. If you would like to know more then visit our dedicated dental finance webpage for more information.


If you would like to discuss our range further or have any other dental needs then please call us on 0203 750 5302. The clinic is open until 10pm every night of the week, and at weekends. We offer general dental treatments, alongside beautiful cosmetic dentistry procedures. Furthermore, there is an emergency appointment service for anyone suffering from an urgent dental issue. We look forward to assisting you at the clinic very soon.

Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm. You can book an appointment by calling us on 0203 750 5302 or emailing us or also by booking an appointment online.

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