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Botox Clinics, London

Looking good and feeling great has never been so easy. There are a number of clinics nationwide that offer anti-ageing treatments. The capital city is a great place to have cosmetic treatments and, therefore, people may search for Botox Clinics, London. Results may show a vast number of clinics, however, it is important to seek an experienced and highly qualified practitioner.



Botox is mainly used to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. The treatment has been available for over ten years and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Botox is recognised as a safe procedure and the amount administered when used as an anti-ageing treatment is minimal. Therefore, it will not cause any adverse effects to other areas of the body. Botox is an effective treatment to improve and reduce naturally forming lines around the forehead, neck, mouth, and eyes. It can also help with other issues such as overactive sweat glands and some skin conditions.


Other anti-ageing treatments

Dermal Fillers are also available to help defy the ageing process. Fillers can plump out sunken areas on the face, and can also add extra volume to areas such as the lips. The type of dermal filler used at the clinic is Juvederm. This product is very popular and is also FDA approved for patients peace of mind.


How Pearl Dental Clinic can help

Pearl Dental Clinic have an experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Niall Hutchinson. Due to his years of training and expertise, Dr. Hutchinson is highly skilled in delivering painless, natural looking treatments with Botox and dermal fillers. All cosmetic consultations are completely free of charge, with no obligation.


If you are considering facial aesthetics and would like more information, or would like to book a free consultation you can call the clinic on 0208 547 9997Our experienced dental reception team are waiting to take your call. The clinic also offers a range of other high-quality cosmetic dentistry procedures at affordable prices.

Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm. You can book an appointment by calling us on 0208 547 9997 or emailing us or booking an appointment online

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