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Abscess In Gums

Abscess In Gums

Abscess In Gums – Treatment at Pearl Dental Clinic.

An abscess in the gum area is referred to as a gingival abscess. A gingival abscess occurs when infection develops in the gum and the body attempts to contain and control it. A collection of pus forms as the body’s way of trying to stop the infection from spreading to other parts of the body. Dental abscesses can also form inside the tooth (a periapical abscess), and in the supporting bone structures of the teeth (a periodontal abscess). It is essential that emergency dental treatment is sought if you know or suspect that you have an abscess. Without the correct treatment, many other complications can arise. It is also important to note that an abscess will not get better without professional treatment.

Abscess In Gums – Treatment

Different types of dental abscess will require different types of professional treatment from our highly qualified staff:

Gingival Abscess

A gum abscess will most likely need the pus draining away (even if it bursts some draining may still be required). Then a course of antibiotics will be needed to eradicate the infection.

Periapical Abscess

For a periapical abscess, the treatment is slightly different. Because the abscess has developed inside the tooth the pulp and tissue will need removing by way of a root canal treatment. If this does not work then the tooth may need to be extracted as a last resort.

Periodontal Abscess

This type of abscess can cause degradation of the bone which can then jeopardise the tooth structure. Treatment for a periodontal abscess is draining and antibiotics. However, sometimes the tooth cannot be saved and will need extracting to protect the surrounding teeth.


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