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Copy dentures

You may be happy with the overall design, shape and size of your current dentures but your dentures may no longer fit perfectly or may have become stained or discoloured. Denture fit can deteriorate over the years as the gums and jaw bones shrink back. If this is the case then we can make a new replica/copy of your current dentures to create a better fitting denture. We can even improve on the aesthetics of your dentures by using the latest available denture teeth.

Alternatively you may wish to have a back-up set of dentures in case you lose or damage your current set of dentures.


Advantages of copy dentures

  • A fewer number of appointments will be necessary to construct the copy dentures.
  • The dentures are less likely to need adjustment appointments.
  • You do not have to get used to a new denture design, as the copy denture will be similar to your previous set of dentures.


The next step

At Pearl Dental Clinic we have an on-site experienced denture technician. This means we can quickly make custom-made copy dentures that meet your expectations.

You can book dental appointments online 24 hours a day and if necessary be seen on the same day.


At Pearl dental clinic, new copy dentures cost from £495 depending on size of the denture and this includes the laboratory cost for the denture and all the appointments required for measurements and adjustments to be carried out. You will be provided with a full printed treatment quote before your treatment begins. You can have your denture treatment now and spread the cost of your denture interest-free with our 0% dental finance plans.copy dentures on finance

Pearl Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm so that you do not have to take time off work for your dental treatment. You can book a denture consultation by calling us on 020 8003 4447 or emailing us or book an appointment online


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