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Composite Veneers

Composite veneers or Composite bondings are applications of composite dental material onto your teeth to improve the appearance or aesthetics of your teeth. They are used to change the colour, shape, and size of the teeth to make them more attractive.

To achieve excellent results, Composite veneers are technically and artistically very demanding. They should only be done by a highly experienced Dentist that:

  1. Understands dental materials very well and is aware of the properties of different materials.
  2. Is a very artistic person. This is because composite veneers are directly done on the teeth by a bonding process (see below for details) by means of addition, removal, and sculpturing into a desirable final shape and size. They need not only to match the adjacent teeth and be symmetrical, but they must also match the overall shape of the arch and facial profile.
  3. Must have good knowledge of individual tooth morphology and their different styles.

Patients should always ensure that the provider of such treatment has enough experience in doing composite veneer. One of the best ways to assess this is by looking at photos of previous works done.

When are Composite veneers used and advisable to do?

Composite veneers are suitable for a variety of situations, examples of which include:

Damaged teeth – In situations like damaged or chipped front teeth, most commonly trauma, resulting in part of a tooth or teeth to break off. Depending on the size of the broken segment, composite veneers can be the simplest, most ideal, conservative, and cost effective way to restore the tooth to its original shape and size. The difficulty in these situations is to try to hide the repaired segment and make it unnoticeable and match it in shade and colour. At Pearl Dental Clinic, we have a good record of achieving this as our case photos in our Galleries show.

Stained/Crooked teeth – When there are undesirable stains, white patches, and/or segmented discoulouration of the teeth which are not resolvable by Teeth whitening alone. Again Composite veneers can be the ideal and cost effective choice of treatment, with the most effective aesthetic result.

Composite veneers can also be used to dampen/reduce or fully correct the misalignment of crooked teeth. Although Composite veneers are not always the best choice of treatment in these situations, depending on the condition of the teeth, with some simple build-ups, fantastic results can be achieved. They can be most suitable in situations where there is a high risk of veneer fracture, as Composite veneers are repairable directly in the mouth. This is one of the biggest advantages of Composite veneers over any other form of veneers.

Closing gaps – One of the most common undesirable situations is gaps between teeth, especially the top two front teeth, known as Diastema. Again Composite veneers can be the ideal choice of treatment. There are many examples in our photo galleries where gaps are fully or partially closed (depending on patients desire). The difficulty in these situations is the colour/shade match, and making the composite veneer not noticeable. At Pearl Dental Clinic, we are proud to show that we have a good record of achieving this. In Diastema closures, there is no tooth removal and only addition to the tooth.

How long do composite veneers last?

The longevity of Composite veneers depends on many factors; the type of material used and the correct follow up of the procedure in doing them. On average, Composite veneers are expected to last between 5 – 7 years.

Composite materials used are similar to the material used for white fillings, but with some differences. They are resin based dental materials with fillers of very small particles. The size of the filler particles is important because it is this property that makes them very polishable and less vulnerable to staining. At Pearl Dental Clinic, only the most modern and very latest developments in this field of dental materials are used to allow us to produce the most aesthetic, polishable and stain resistant Composite veneers.

What are the alternatives to Composite veneers?

Depending on the underlying problem, and the patient’s request, different treatments can be suggested. For example, to close gaps and re-align teeth, Orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign can be considered.

For full Smile makeovers and improvement of the aesthetics, which involve multiple teeth, Porcelain veneers can be considered.

Composite veneers are mostly monochromatic, and aesthetically they are not as good as Porcelain veneers. Hence, when considering full Smile makeovers or when multiple teeth are discoloured (e.g tetracycline staining), Porcelain veneers are more suitable.

In any case, teeth have to be clinically examined and the pros and cons of each option can be considered for each individual case, and a decision regarding treatment made based on this.

Advantages and Disadvantages or Composite and Porcelain veneers.

  1. Porcelain veneers are more predictable aesthetically, than Composite veneers.
  2. Porcelain veneers last on average 7 – 10 years and never stain.
  3. Porcelain veneers are more wear resistant than Composite veneers and are not usually monochromatic.
  4. When considering Porcelain veneers, it is necessary to do a trial smile, which allows the patient to see the final result the veneers would produce before they are made and cemented to the teeth. Also, to allow the patient to have more direct input in choosing the shape and shade/colour of the veneers.
  5. Composite veneers are more cost effective and are repairable in the mouth, whereas Porcelain veneers, if damaged or fractured, may have to be completely replaced.
  6. Composite veneers are usually more conservative and therefore less or no tooth removal is needed (depending on the situation).
  7. Porcelain veneers usually require many dental visits, where as Composite veneers are done in one visit.

In summary, Composite veneers are more suitable in general for repairs, chipped teeth, correction of limited crowding, stain repair, and some gap closure.

Porcelain veneers are more suitable for improving the Smile, involving several teeth as better aesthetics can be achieved.

Procedure for bonding of Composite veneers

Before placement of any form of veneers, if a patient wishes to have whiter teeth, Teeth whitening should be done first so that the shade/colour of the veneers can be matched to the whitened teeth.

To place Composite veneers, teeth must be clean and no Gingivitis should be present.

Once teeth are debrided, then they are etched to chemically roughen the micro-surface of the teeth to enhance the attachment of the Composite veneer. Good isolation should also be achieved to enhance the bonding process. Presence of any moisture or saliva will interfere with the bonding process, weaken the adhesion to teeth, and increase the likelihood of marginal staining.

Then, bonding agent is applied to the surface of the teeth (hence the name Composite bonding), and composite material is added in layers to build up the tooth. Once this is completed, the sculpturing of the veneer starts by means of removal, and if necessary, addition of composite material, shaping the veneer in to it’s final appearance. Smoothing and polishing is the final stage.

Before and after photos are always taken, so that the differences can be presented to you.

Our Practice is open seven days a week. You can book a free Composite Veneer consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists by calling 0208 547 9997 or emailing us or booking a consultation appointment online.

Latest Patient Reviews

  • Pearl Dental Clinic


  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    The dentist was extremely patient, polite and professional. Very informative, helpful and understanding. The best experience I have had with a dentist.

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    I find all the staff are friendly and aways greeted with a smile from reception. I see a number of dentist for different parts of my treatment and have always had a good experience with them all. This is my third private dentist I have been to and this is by far the best, not necceserly the cheapest but offers all the treatment I require so I'm very happy .

  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    just a big thank you to you all.. had my dental work carried out yesterday and am so happy with the results!
    The dentist was brilliant and really helpful, offered alternatives to the treatment I originally thought I thought I needed (and cheaper, not ripping me off as other professionals would!) The whole service was very goo, questions and emails always answered and the online chat service was a big help too so thanks!
    Looks awesome and am VERY happy.. I would recommend to anyone considering cosmetic dental treatment!

    December 2011
  • Hi Team


    The restoration process is now over so just a quick one to say thank you to you all for taking care of me so well and a special thanks to Mohsen for his amazing job.
    I'm smiling again !!
    Best Regards

    March 2011
  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Vahid, Thanks for an amazing job on my teeth. I love my new smile  :-)  Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011. Thanks again.

    Dec 2010
  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Great choice in coming here. I now feel confident in smiling again. I will definitely come back for future work. Thank you for the great service.

    September 2010
  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Overall an excellent Dental service. Very good quality products. Treatment was well discussed prior to commencement. I am very happy with the results of my crowns and veneers. I would recommend this surgery.

    July 2010
  • Pearl Dental Clinic

    Since I last left Pearl Dental Clinic I have barely stopped smiling, something that I had never felt completely free to do for more than 29 years. My whole experience with Pearl and their friendly and professional staff from start to finish has been an enjoyable, and most importantly, successful one! From the preliminary consultation to the finished result it has been a pleasure to have been their patient. After damaging my teeth as a child due to bad dental advice, exactly the opposite of what I have experienced here and some overcrowding, I had never been able to really express myself when I was happy or found something funny in fear of showing my teeth - that now has all changed after having Emax veneers fitted by Dr Mohsen J. Esfahani. My hope when starting this process was to find a dental surgeon that would be capable of improving my smile, even if only by a small amount. What has been achieved by this talented dentist has greatly exceeded my expectations.
    Not only are my teeth now straight and white, they look so natural and fit in my mouth perfectly with not even the slightest hint of discomfort, pain or sensitivity, in fact within only a couple of days they felt like they were my own teeth - except the only difference being they look a million times better! Ive even since been told by people that I have just met things like oh, wow, you have nice teeth dont you or something similar nice things about my teeth that I truly felt I would never hear anyone say to me. I guess what was so surprising was the warm and honest approach to how Pearl and Mohsen go about their business.
    Not once did I feel pressured into making a decision before every eventuality was explained to me, it wasnt a case of just go for the most expensive option, well bung them on and then if you dont like them tough. I was given all the facts on what treatment would be best for me taking into account the condition and shape of my teeth and the decision was then left completely to me.
    The trial smile gave me a good idea of how they would look, and at every step of the process I was only charged for what I had agreed on that day, and was given the chance to either adjust or change my mind about the treatment at any time. The time and precision that Mohsen put into my teeth was again surprising, almost like an artist who would not be happy until their painting was to their perfection, he concentrated on every fine little detail to make sure they would look the very best they possibly could and I truly feel they do! I cant thank Mohsen and Pearl enough for changing my life and allowing me to smile with freedom for the first time since being a child, a time when I first realised I felt conscious about my teeth.
    Thanks to them this feeling is now in the past and I no longer have to close, or put my hand in front of my mouth when enjoying a moment with friends, family or in fact any social situation. I now look at people that I would have once envied and think I have nicer teeth than them and thats a great feeling! If you are thinking about improving your smile in any way, and have thought about paying Pearl a visit then I suggest that you do exactly that, I genuinely feel from the heart that I could have gone elsewhere and paid double the price and still would have not been as happy as I am now with my new and wonderful smile.

    A sincerely satisfied customer

    July 2010
  • Hi Vahid,

    Gemma Cooper

    Sorry I have taken ages to write this I have been busy showing off my gorgeous new teeth. Vahid thank you so much for my amazing new teeth and gum line I cant stop smiling, I used to always keep my mouth closed when people took pictures or I met them for the first time, now I have so much more confidence and don't give it a second thought.
    At every stage of my treatment I was made to feel welcome and at ease with Vahid explaining what would be happening. All the staff at Pearl are helpful and friendly, I will be recommending you to everyone and anyone.
    I never in my wildest dreams thought I could be someone who has nice teeth and not only that but people comment on them too, These exceeded my expectations and have truly changed my life. Once again thank you so much Vahid.

    P.s hope you are well.
    Kindest warmest regards

    March 2010
  • Dear Dr. Vahid Motahar,

    Nelson from London

    I don't have the words to express my gratitudes, a thank you woudn't be enough to translate my joy and happiness, because ever since i was little, i was always bullyed and insulted because of my teeth, i mean all teeth, i always considered my teeth problem the worst in the world, because though they are healthy, they WERE extremely YELLOW, i couldn't SMILE, people used to look at my teeth and wonder what is this? but now i'm smiling a lot and all the time, i also have to say that the outcome of this treatment is much HIGHER than what i was expecting, thank you so much and God bless you!

    July 2009