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Clearstep Braces

Individuals who feel self-conscious about showing their emotions due to crooked, overlapping or gapped teeth could experience an increase in their self-esteem as a result treatment with Clearstep braces.

The removable corrective system was designed by dental professionals to improve the appearance of people’s smiles by effectively resolving issues regarding overlapping and misaligned teeth.

As part of the treatment, patients wear a set of custom-made braces, which use gentle force to reposition teeth to ensure the best results. In addition, individuals undergoing the procedure use a number of different tooth aligners throughout the process to move their teeth into the most ideal position.

The wafer-thin Clearstep fixtures are produced from a transparent medical-grade plastic that is almost invisible to the naked eye, making the subtle treatment ideal for image-conscious individuals who may be worried about the appearance of braces.

Depending on the extent of the original dental issue, patients will wear the accessory for varying lengths of time. However those who enjoy the best effects from Clearstep braces usually wear them for 9 to 18 months.

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Patients are advised to discuss the treatment with their Pearl dental clinic dentist in a order to ensure Clearstep braces is the right choice for them. Those whose needs may not be addressed by the braces could be recommended alternate treatments for the problem.

During the consultation appointment, a patient will be given an oral health assessment to determine the extent of the problems with the alignment of their teeth, as well as ensure the other aspects of the smile are in a suitable condition.

Your Pearl dental clinic dentist will achieve a more accurate analysis of the teeth by performing X-rays, taking photographs and creating impression moulds from your mouth to ensure the fixtures are as useful as possible for the wearer.

Following this process, patients will be asked to attend a follow-up meeting to discuss the course of treatment in more detail and, if they feel comfortable with the procedure, the administrator will complete the production of the aligners.

To ensure the most positive effects from Clearstep, wearers will attend regular check-ups and therapy sessions to take them to the next chapter of the procedure, which sees individuals adorn coded positioners in a particular sequence for approximately two weeks at a time.

In a bid to move the teeth gradually to prevent pain for sensitive patients, each stage of improvement consists of eight stages to use differing specially designed pieces of equipment on the teeth to improve the smile.

Clearstep BracesClearstep braces provide a number of benefits for individuals contemplating the treatment to provide a solution to an issue that could have affected self-confidence for a long period of time.

The procedure is an effective course of treatment for people of all ages that may have problems with teeth overcrowding or issues with an overbite. In addition, the subtle nature of the braces means that improvements can often be made quickly and without anybody noticing.

As well as this, the invisible fixtures act as a perfect solution for adults who could be embarrassed about the idea of undergoing extensive dental processes. The removable nature of Clearstep fittings also works to the advantage of image-conscious people, as they can be taken out before mealtimes to ensure food does not get caught.

The braces should also be removed during the consumption of hot and fizzy beverages, as well as when smoking, to maintain their see-through appearance. 

Taking care of the dental aligners is a quick and easy process for wearers, which could be ideal for people with a hectic lifestyle. Simply washing the plastic accessories with lukewarm water and a soft-bristle toothbrush is effective in keeping them clean.

There are also Retainer Brite cleaning tablets available that help to remove plaque and tarter from aligners. The Clearstep appliance is left inside a solution containing Retainer Brite for 20 minutes for so and this helps to keep the appliance hygienic, fresh and clean.

We advise patients to wear the braces for around 22 hours every day to ensure the best results in the quickest possible amount of time and increase the confidence of the wearer.

Patients who wear Clearstep braces in a bid to make changes to their smile have been urged to avoid sticky food and drinks with high sugar content to ensure items do not get caught in the fixtures. However drinking water whilst wearing Clearstep aligners is permitted.

The worry of agonising procedures can often discourage individuals from receiving cosmetic dentistry to improve their pearly whites. However, members of the public are assured that Clearstep is virtually free of pain.

Wearers can expect a slight uncomfortable feeling in the first few days of treatment, due to the fact that their teeth are starting to align with the fittings of the custom-made aligners.

As the alignment progresses and the effects of the initial stages of the coded models continue, the plastic moulds are intended to become looser fitting – which signals the need for the next part of the procedure.

Individuals with more extensive issues regarding tooth alignment may be advised to try Invisalign or fixed braces as an alternative to Clearstep braces, which are more suited to people with slight problems.

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