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AcceleDent Optima

Patients who have Invisalign clear aligners or traditional fixed braces fitted now have the opportunity to speed up the teeth straightening process by upto 50% using AcceleDent Optima. This innovative device is designed to gently accelerate teeth movement in a simple and comfortable way. The process works by using micro vibrations to enhance the orthodontic force applied by braces and Invisalign aligners while being comfortable and pain-free.


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AcceleDent Optima is removable and similar in appearance to a retainer. Patients bite onto the device and hold it between their teeth. Using this technology once a day for twenty minutes can help speed up the orthodontic process by upto 50%. The AcceleDent technology applies a pulsing motion to the teeth and surrounding structures. Research has indicated that AcceleDent is likely to reduce orthodontic treatment times by between thirty and fifty percent.

According to the US-based company behind the device, OrthoAccel Technologies, this type of vibration therapy has a history of providing health benefits in various situations. A light vibrating plate was previously used by astronauts during periods of prolonged exposure to weightlessness. This prevented the onset of muscle atrophy and bone loss mass.

Vibration therapy has existed in the healthcare sector since the 1800’s and is now a common method for the treatment of osteoporosis, muscle loss, joint pain and other conditions.


Available in the UK since late 2009, AcceleDent is compatible with both traditional braces and Invisalign. This technology can be a real bonus if the wearer is wanting to speed up the treatment time. This could be due to a wedding, graduation, or other major life events. Furthermore, another great bonus of this appliance is that it can be worn while undertaking common pastimes such as watching television, reading, using a computer, and listening to music.

  • Speed up Invisalign or braces treatment safely by upto 50% with the new revolutionary AcceleDent Optima system £750


Please note: We exclusively provide Acceledent Optima treatment to patients who are having Invisalign or braces treatment with dentists and orthodontists based at Pearl Dental Clinic. Patients having orthodontic treatment at other practices, should seek advice and Acceledent treatment from their own dentist/orthodontist. This is because Acceledent is a medical device and its use must be supervised by a suitably qualified dentist or orthodontist.


At Pearl dental clinic, you can spread the cost of your Acceledent treatment interest free with our 0% dental finance plansAcceleDent finance

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